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Vigil Honor - 1960s

Vigil Honor TriangleThe Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position or office to one or more of the following: their lodge, the Order of the Arrow, Scouting or their Scout camp.

T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge has recognized the following members with the Vigil Honor since 1960. Members with an asterisk (*) were honored by Mox Kar-Po Lodge #530 prior to the lodge merger in 1975.

Larry Finnestad
Dave Herwick
Dwight Hodgen *
Lee Hollo
Harold S. Lant
Jean McKorkle *
Forrest McVicar
Arthur J. Merrifield *
John Michaels
Erich Natthe *
Henry T. Platz III
Frank Rossi *
Bill Van Wert *
Karl Weiser
Richard D. Willy
Henry Bryan
Eyvind Hammersmark
Ben F. Hollo
Robert Johnstone
David Kashiwagi
Gordon D. Kramer
Mike Miles *
Howard Olsen *
Jerry B. Penney
Irvin E. Thompson
Edward Tulloch *
Norman Turrill
Austin K. Van Dusen
Robert Welden
Mert Wells *
Kenneth Wesche
Fredrick Davidson
William Flint Jr.
Dave Freed
Peyton Gaunt
Willy M. Gue
William Katra
Howard E. Robinson *
Charles J. Shoemaker
Clarance Al Slocum
James S. Smith
John "Red" Vernon
James C. Warfield III
J. Stanley Barlow
Mike Evans
John David Hadley
Harry R. Hizer
David MacMillan
James W. Parent
Dennis Smith
Lewis Thorsen
John H. West
Donald H. Anderson
J. Stan Barlow
Arthur Breed *
Ralph Breed *
Frank Charvat
Walter Disher
Donald L. Goodwin
Jack F. Hall
William W. Jeude
James L. Johnstone
Barry D. King
Paul Gregory Meredith
Lawrence Ed Parks
Jay R. Sasnett
Joe Schwartz
Cassius Gregory Sherwood
Larry E. Thomas
Craig D. Volwiler
James Wright
Kenneth E. Brown
Norman E. Dodge
William Espinosa
Matt Johnstone
Richard Marble
Andrew Orsen
Daniel E. Parks Sr.
Fred Tobey Sr.
Mike Toomey
Richard J. Acker
Dennis Case
Charles Christiansen
L.W. Christiansen
Thomas Corning
Douglad Driskell
Cameron Hazen
Jerry Jazbec
John Macartney
Jerry L. Snyder
Thomas R. Speer
Robert Boule
John Chaney
George Coder
Lynn Coder
David S. Compton
Garth Conger
Richard Dudschuss
Jeff Hilton
Art Lince
John Lindsey
Gary Locke
Steve Manning
D. Jerry Olive
Thomas Ross
J. Randolph Sasnett
Jim Spickard
Jon Abrahamson Jr.
Ron Acker
Dean Beal *
Robert L. Beal *
William Benshoof
Clarence Bentley
Carl Brann
Robert Days
Robert Friedli
Fred L. Hamlow
Ken Hayashi
Albert F. Hembd *
Dan Horsfall
Loren M. Horton
Robert Knott *
Art Mabbott
Ralph Peel *
Ross A. Rowell
Fred Shoop
William R. Sturgeon
George Uchida
Emery Andrews
Edgar Bauch
Dale Becker *
Paul J. Boileau
Walter E. Branberg *
David Cockrill
Thomas Fawthrop
Ronn Griffin
Nolan T. Jones
D. Michael Kelly
O. Paul Langness
Oren Langness
Michael Levin
Bob Lindsey *
Merritt H. MacArthur
Thomas MacArtney
Hugh D. Nesbitt *
Glenn E. Potter Jr. *
Walter Ruef Sr. *
Edgar Tobey
Bob Vomaske
Mark E Wheaton



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