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Vigil Honor - 1980s

Vigil Honor TriangleThe Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position or office to one or more of the following: their lodge, the Order of the Arrow, Scouting or their Scout camp.

T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge has recognized the following members with the Vigil Honor since 1980.

Jeffery B. Ewell
Alf N. Guldahl
Ed Henneman
Brad Macomber
Gordon C. Olson
Mark M. Olson
Davis R. Steelquist
Tim Wentzel
Mike Wydick
Tom Yenko
John C. Dingfield
Minor M. Freed
Henry Henneman
Kenneth McEdwards
Tim Morrison
David W. Rennard
Tim J. Steelquist
Norman J. Stone
Ubaldo Tonella
Kurt E. Tonnemaker
Barry D. Van Wieringen
Craig Clinton
Kalen Dringman
Robert B. Fairbanks
Jeff A. Henness
Kenneth S. Izatt
Robert H. Johnson
Roy Leake
John E. Lindquist
Keith Mannering
Mark Owen
Robin Wheeler
George Yount
Robert Carlsen
William C. Harker
Jay E. Higgins
Timothy Humphries
James E. Mazurk
Lee E. Monteith
Raymond Steele
John H. Ailport
Clyde J. Ambacher
Benerito E. Angel
Timothy R. Baker
David H. Bartelds
Robert A. Bartelds
James E. Battles
Karl W. Bornhoeft
David N. Carter
David M. Cline
Charles N. Curtis
Douglas K. Glaze
Kevin B. Hall
Eric W. Hansen
Jerome M. Jainga
Robert P. Labouy Jr.
Laurel L. Lang
Robert A. MacMaster
John B. McGaw
Michael I. McNellis
Tony J. Piro
Kenneth D. Seed
John P. Short, Jr.
Charles L. Smith
Jerry E. Whitney
Paul R. Zimmerman
Steve Anderson
Lester C. Brisbois
Stephen F. Dahlberg
Keith Dingfield
George D. Frederick
Aasgeir Gangsaas
Paul E. Gilbert
Devon P. Groves
Daniel L. Gulliford
Kenneth D. Hall
Harry R. Hilton
Patrick W. James
Alexander D. King
Harry Mazurk
Carl C. McAdams
D. Kurt Peterson
William J. Rydberg
John J. Schwab
William H. Siem
William K. "Shorty" Stockard
Frederick E. Whitney
Carl K. Brenner
Michael Briggs
Alfred Gulliford Jr.
Paul Kinch
Peter G. Norby
Erik J. Paulson
Brian R. Perkin
Grant C. Perkin
Stephen C. Shaw
James R. Smith
Dale G. Baskin
Michael Case
John E. Cole
Gary L. Coykendall
James C. Eskridge
Larry R. Garrett
Douglas J. Hallock
Joseph A. Hamell
Eric A. Heia
Christopher R. Hunt
David M. Kyes
James A. LePenske
Jeffrey M. McBride
Michael D. Owen
Scott A. Ruppel
Dean C. Sabol
Donald A. Serry
Troy W. Sparling
Mark S. Wahl
Robert K. Wotherspoon
David A. Andersen
William C. Anderson
Dave Brook
Jeffrey T. Harden
Mark S. Johnsen
James "Jerry" Johnson
Jack Keeler
Robert McBride
Tom Mechler
Lee A. "Peat" Moss
John J. Senn
Warren Taylor
William P. Viola
Tom D. Warren
John Wotherspoon
Scott A. Demianiw
Sean G. Lawson
Daniel A. Linquist
Richard A. Meeks
Edward B. Louthan
George C. Schaefer

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