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Vigil Honor - 1990s

Vigil Honor TriangleThe Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position or office to one or more of the following: their lodge, the Order of the Arrow, Scouting or their Scout camp.

T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge has recognized the following members with the Vigil Honor since 1990.

Charles W. Bates
Jason F. Beatty
Aaron D. Bigby
Andrew D. Bodien
Kent E. Brooten
Edward Clark Jr.
Scott T. Coykendall
Jeffery S. Gibbson
Carnel R. Hagen
Steven E. Smith
Steven R. Allen Sr.
Nate Crosswhite
Marshall R. Hagen
Robert O. Luton
Ted Mantyla
Reed A. Moss
Robert A. White Jr.
Anthony Bigby
Roger Bigby
Erick W. Blandin
William Blandin
William Boileau
Mark Broderick
Charles Butterfield
Steven L. Dazey
Matthew D. Kahn
Gregory "Griz" McCarrel
Bruce Morris
Mike Woitalla
Steven R. Allen Jr.
Sherrill B. Clark
Daniel M. Clark
Robert S. Colby
Joel M. Eilers
Gary G. Goodale
Eric S. Hartman
Roy E. Johnson
Jerry D. Kahn
Matt A. Tracy
William A. Tracy
Todd P. Underwood
James Bach
F. Jason Bogath
David K. Buterbaugh
Benjamin Church
Richard M. Cleven
John T. Davies
Bruce Davis
Michael Franzen
Cory Christopher Gaunt
Gary R. Gilger
Brian Hartman
Josh D. Hilton
Robert F. Jones
Daniel Myers
Aaron Neal
Andrew Rassmussen
James M. Ricketts
Sharon K. Ricketts
Tom J. Rodda
Geoff Staneff
Eugene Straw
Christopher Terpstra
Joseph Anticevich
Michael D. Aylesworth
John Colson
Jeffery Johnson
Joyce A. Johnson
Christopher Krammer
Greg Larson
James Mace
Dale O. Magden
Keith Margerum
Miguel Monroe
Linda S. Moss
Dean Seuss
Kristopher J. Sherwood
Jeremy Whitehead
Michael Engan
Jonathan Kallay
Terry McCorkle Jr.
Pat A. Riekena
Stephen L. Ross
Erik J. Scairpon
Jason A. Stewart
Barbara A. Turley
John van Velthuyzen
Steven L. Wilson
Daniel Anderson
Al Aylesworth
Todd Aylesworth
Donald Baeder
Kenneth Breiding III
Kay Crabtree
Steven Dearing
John K. Eimer III
Darrel P. Hanich
Charles D. Johnson
Jonathan Key
Paul Kuehn
Korey Montgomery
David Oakes
Raymond G. Sayah Jr.
Rik Scairpon
John C. Seals
Jason Selkowitz
Scott Thacker
David van Velthuyzen
Robert Whitacre
Robert Zook
James Betts
Alan Burdick
Christopher Campbell
Larry W. Clark
Victor Dean
Brent Ellis
Wayne C. Engelbert
Michael Evans
Paul Feider
Nicholas Force
David S. Fulton
Ben D. Ingram
Jonathan M. Kuehn
Bill A. Liston
Robert J. Liston
David J. Lown
Danny Lee Magden
Dale K. Magden
David O'Dwyer
Christopher C. Pearson
Robert L. Pepka
James Santo
Daniel J. Schwerdtfeger
Kris Sheldrake
Bill Wehmeyer
John Zook
Shawn M. Adams
Michael G. Armstrong
Gale L. Breitkreutz
Richard W. Butchart
Edward W. Clark
Margo A. Curley
Robert R. Davies
Alan R. Davies
Randy C. Eiford
Travis Firestone
Jon Green
Ashley Harron
Randy J. Hutton
Mike Johnson
Michael Johnson
Brian Miller
Jean M. Mitchell
Richard Monroe
Steve Montgomery
Andrew R. Morgan
Craig D. Orff
John K. Riekena
Mark Scairpon
Ben Wilkins

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