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Module Title

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Strategic Plan
Our Vision for the T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge:
The vision for our Lodge in the next two years is to expand our core of active members and to be a positive force in the community. Working towards this goal will improve the quality of the programs we run, increase attendance to our functions and should establish Quality Lodge attainment as a routine item. Our vision is to empower more youth to serve the community.
The areas of focus:
• Communication
• Training
• Service

Better communication solves the majority of our problems. We need to develop effective communication between the Lodge Executives, Chapter Officer and especially the youth Arrowmen. This will allow our Lodge to act more cohesively and we can then better fulfill our purpose.

• Successfully implement OA Troop Representative Program. Every unit that has OA participants must be in contact with the Chapter. The Chapter must maintain good communication with its members as such that they can work together to make stronger Chapter programs and thusly stronger Lodge programs. This system will also act a relay for information on Lodge events up to National events.

• The Lodge Officers will maintain good contact with the Chapter Officers and they will maintain good contact with each other. The Lodge and Chapters need to have a consistent vision on where our Lodge is going. The core leaders of our Lodge need to have strong relationships among each other to keep the program focused and clear, we need to be on the same page.

• Our OA program needs to communicate with the Council and the Districts to offer help and to ask for help. We serve each other. Improved networking between us will allow for improved scheduling and more integrated programs.

• We will provide current information about the Lodge through a website, with a calendar, basic information such as Lodge history and have available appropriate forms so it is easy for members to download them and use them.

Our Lodge has a tradition of having a well trained core of members who understand what to do in the OA. This knowledge needs to be shared with as many other Arrowmen as possible. Sharing knowledge will empower our Lodge’s youth and help motivate them to help the program.

• Appoint a Training Chairman. This will put someone directly in charge of this important aspect of OA. The Chairmen will train trainers and coordinate training at Lodge functions. This position will fall under the Lodge Deputy Vice-Chief and this will be a priority Chairmen position. It will require a dedicated youth and Lodge support.

• Use quality trainers and training material. Trainers must understand what they are teaching in order to pass that knowledge on successfully, train the trainer well. We can utilize National training material to augment our Lodges rich resources.

• Focus on Chapter Officers. Chapter Officers are the ones who lead OA programs that matter. By training them we can empower the Chapters and increase the quality of our programs.

• Provide training at all Lodge functions. Training at these functions helps gives an event purpose beyond fun. It makes it more meaningful. Continue training throughout the year since Lodge Leadership Development never stops.

OA is a service organization and we need to conduct ourselves thusly. We have always helped out our local camps and we need to expand those programs but also we need to expand our programs to serve not just BSA but our local communities. T’Kope Kwiskwis needs to give joyous unselfish service to all those who need it.

• Each Chapter needs to do 3 service projects throughout the year. This is a minimum standard that will show that we are a service organization. Each project should be done out of good will and have no benefit beyond satisfaction of helping another.

• Continue to support Council and District programs. The OA provides the best camp staff in BSA and we need to offer our expertise to them. We will continue to offer help for Winter Camp, Camporees, Scoutreach and etc. We will look into integrating our service into other aspects of our Council’s and BSA’s programs.

• Continue T’Kope Kwiskwis Trail Crew programs. These programs continue the ideals of service and camping during the summer and set good examples for the OA. They are fun and empowering for the participants.

• Promote camping to the units. The OA is a resource for hiking through tools such as our members, simply, and the “Where to go Camping” resource. We will help to promote Chief Seattle Council’s camps and hiking in the Northwest in general.

Fulfillment of the Vision:
The Lodge and Chapter Officers are responsible to help implement the ideas presented in this document. T’Kope Kwiskwis needs to work together to make the difference. These ideas and goals can be easily achieved if we do our best.

Membership Renewal

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