Alpine District

Key Three      
District Executive Chris McNeal 206-902-2309 Email
District Chair Rob Wotton 425-241-3445 Email
District Commissioner Ken Fischer 425-200-8891 Email
District Vice Chair / Advancements and Awards Dave Clemens 425-985-1246 Email
Awards Chair Carol Cordray   Email
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Rachel Money 214-282-4859 Email
Finance Chair -    
Friends of Scouting Chair    
Volunteer Hour Coordinator    
Membership Chair    
Family Scouting Krista Holmes 425-687-0206 Email
District Vice Chair / Programs Eric DePoule 425-864-7032 Email
Cub Scout Day Camp Director Kat Ressler 630-589-2764 Email
Pinewood Derby Event Chair Bob Everet   Email
Webelos Woods Event Chair Eric DePoule 425-864-7032 Email
Veterans Events Lori Gerace 760-458-4478 Email
Training Chair Todd Brown 425-647-4966 Email
Volunteer Trainer Dave Clemens 425-985-1246 Email
Volunteer Trainer Margo Inman 425-829-4675 Email
Volunteer Trainer David Kristensen 425-401-6831 Email
Volunteer Trainer Wendy McBride 425-427-8309 Email
Volunteer Trainer Gary Rudolph 425-369-9426  
Volunteer Trainer Sherri Zucker 425-880-4103  
District Commissioner Staff      
Assistant District Commissioner Laurie Bateman 425-562-3106 Email
Assistant District Commissioner Walter Beauchamp 425-213-3647 Email
Assistant District Commissioner Roundtable Lori Gerace 760-458-4478 Email
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Kat Ressler 630-589-2764 Email
Cub Scout Roundtable Staff Wendy McBride 425-427-8309 Email
Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner Jon and Lori Gerace 760-458-4844 Email
Unit Commissioner Walter Beauchamp 425-213-3647 Email
Unit Commissioner Todd Brown 425-647-4966 Email
Unit Commissioner Tad Englund 425-313-1011  
Unit Commissioner Erik Granning 517-974-8282 Email
Unit Commissioner Gary Hendricks 425-562-7080  
Unit Commissioner Heather Johnson 801-380-3394  
Unit Commissioner Andrew Kass 425-256-2424  
Unit Commissioner Tom Mechler 425-255-0922  
Unit Commissioner Paul Meehan 425-427-2968 Email
Unit Commissioner Kristine Millett 425-313-4794  
Unit Commissioner Kristina Moore 425-881-8941  
Unit Commissioner Rachelle Roberts 425-391-6881  
Unit Commissioner Rich Smith 224-325-5314 Email
Unit Commissioner Sean Wheeler 425-979-8626 Email
Order of the Arrow      
OA Advisor Brent Schmidt 206-719-7392 Email
Assoc Chapter Advisor Walter Beauchamp 425-213-3647 Email
Assoc Chapter Advisor Paul Meehan 425-427-2968 Email
Website Michael Pacholec   Email