Aquila District

klondike posterAll Scouts and Webelos are invited to re-enact the historic gold rush to the Klondike. Scouts will pull homemade sleds from Skagway to Dawson. En route they will encounter problems that require basic Scout skills and teamwork to overcome. Leading up to the event, Scouts will build their own Klondike sled, but Scouts (not dogs) will be powering the sleds through the snow. Get out in the snow, test your mettle, and see how your Patrol or Den fares in this annual favorite!

Reminiscent of the great Klondike gold rush of the late 1890's, Scouts at the Aquila District Klondike Derby travel to stations with names like Chilkoot Trail, Stewart's Crossing, and Yukon River to compete against other teams using skills that prospectors had to master back in their day. All activity stations are outside in the snow, and include sawing through a log with a two-man crosscut saw, building a fire and cooking a meal, treating a team member for injury, running in snowshoes to escape a bear, and racing in a sled to beat other teams to their gold claim.

Saturday, January 20, 2018, 8:30am - 3:30pmklondike_map

Ensign Ranch   (directions)
3551 Hundley Road
Cle Elum, WA 98922


  • 8:30-9:15am: Patrol/Den Registration
  • 9:30am: Opening
  • 9:45am: Activity Stations Open
  • 11am-1:30pm: Soup Pot Lunch
  • 1pm: Activity Stations Close
  • 2pm: Great Sled Race
  • 3pm: Awards Presentation and Closing

Registration is $30 per team of 4-8 Scouts for Klondike registration plus a $3.50 Ensign Ranch day fee for each Scout and adult. Pay camp day fee at the registration cabin (Summer Cabin #5 NOT Ensign Ranch office) unless camping overnight where up-to 10 day fees are included per cabin. Please register in advance by contacting Mike Grueter.

Units may camp overnight on Friday or Saturday by making reservations. Please do not contact Ensign Ranch to make reservations. Instead please contact Mike Grueter for all reservations. The cabin fee will apply against up-to 10 day fees.
All sleds must be hand crafted. There is no size or shape limit but they should resemble the sketch below. Skis may be used for runners. The sled carries a team member. The driver may push and the rest of the team will pull using ropes.
Each team shall consist of at least four but not more than eight Scouts. A pack/troop may enter as many teams as they wish. However, the team that signs in must stay together for all events, including the races. No substitutions from other teams are permitted.
Each person brings two 10 oz. cans of soup (tomato or broth-based) for the traditional soup pot. A lunch and snacks to eat between events are also recommended.
Awards:Klondike Patch 2017
Scouts get a unique Klondike patch for attending the event, and each team will receive a participation ribbon. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons for Scout and Webelos teams at each activity as well as trophies for the overall winners.

Please direct questions to your Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, or Mark Jordan 206-618-7732 (contact). Download the Klondike Derby Flyer and Klondike Derby Guide for additional information. Current Snoqualmie Pass driving conditions are available here.

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