Aurora District

May 5 & 6, 2017        Location to be determined.      Looking for a volunteer Pack to Host
You must be registered in advance to participate. Register HERE: Coming soon.

The basic layout will be the same.  The Event is held as a co operative event.
If you son is racing, their parent / adult is helping.  
When making a car for the pack event, make sure you are following the District Derby Rules (See below).  

Cost - $10 per family, It was agreed upon to collect $10 from each family to cover the cost of awards for the event. Any remaining funds will be given to the Aurora District.  You may pay with cash, check made payable to BSA or with credit card (John Padgett will be there with his square during registration, to accept payments).
Volunteer Jobs- This event is 100% run by parent volunteers, who have Scouts participating in the event.  I still have some parents that have not signed up for a job.  A few things we still need covered are: snacks, juice, coffee and clean up help.  Please update sheet directly through the google share or email directly.
Where -  
Track set up -  
Weigh In - 
Race Start Time - ***Please note that this is only a estimated time guideline, we will immediately be racing the Wolf following the Tiger, etc. So if it only takes 20min. to race the Tigers we will start the Wolf at 9:50AM, and other Dens to follow suit***
Tiger 9:30-10:15AM (45 min.)
Wolf 10:15-11AM (45 min.)
Bear 11-11:45AM (45 min.)
Webelos I 11:45-12:30PM (45 min.)
Webelos II 12:30-1PM  (30 min.)
Finals 1-1:30PM (30 min.) Awards Immediately following the Race (15 min.)
Trophy & Neck Medallions -  Each participant will receive a medallion for participating in the event, that have been custom made for our district.  Each Den will have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place and participation medallions.  The  grand prize will be a substantial trophy, that will be presented immediately following the 1st place Den winners race.
Thank you for your time and effort in making this event a wonderful memory for our Scouts.