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Roundtables are a monthly gathering of Pack, Troop, and District leaders.  Roundtables are put on by your District Commissioner staff to give leaders hands-on experience and provide a forum for leaders to offer and receive help from their fellow Scouters.

 What is the Goal of BSA Roundtables?

  • To help motivate unit leaders and refresh their morale, enthusiasm, inspiration and vision
  • To provide unit leaders with skills, techniques, ideas, information and know-how to make their unit operation successful
  • To provide resources to help unit leaders in their roles
  • Who Should Attend Roundtables?

    Everyone.  Roundtables are for all leaders and interested parents.  Whether you have been a leader since Baden Powell’s time or you’re a brand new to the program.

    Why should I go?

    Because Roundtable is by, for, and about YOU!  Every job is made easier by sharing the load, and Roundtables take on the job of assisting you in creating and presenting your unit program.  Sure, you can make your own program from scratch, but you certainly don’t have to!  Roundtable is loaded with ideas and demonstrations of all kinds.  Got a particular problem you just can’t work out?  Come to Roundtable and ask the group – draw on the years of Scouting experience made available just for you.  Also find out the latest information regarding events and activities.

Location and Date

Cascade District Roundtables are held the 2nd Thursday of the month at the:


Roundtables start at 7:30 PM and last about an hour. 

Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders have a joint opening and then break out into separate meetings.

Cascade District Roundtable 

Meet fellow Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Family.Scouting, and Venturing leaders.   This is a great opportunity to find out what is going on in our District and Council.


2nd Thursday of the month during the school year. 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM  at Mercer Island Presbyterian Church, 3605 84th Av SE

September 13 

October 11    Learn about rechartering your unit

November 8  BSA awards that are available to adult volunteers & Charter renewals are due