Klondike Derby has been rescheduled!

For Saturday, March 3rd, Saturday – only.

 – Note: Friday night lodging is limited.

Registration: Saturday morning, 7 am to 9:30 am (and Friday evening for Units that stay overnight).

Units may come Friday night, however - YOUR CABIN SPACE MAY...
...CHANGE from your original assignment. The limited heated cabin space will be allocated to Units in the order originally registered. There are unheated cabins and open longhouses available and Tent camping should lodging fill up or is preferred.

IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS RESCHEDULED DATE - Contact Rick Powell ASAP rickbpowell@comcast.net so he can release your lodging space to other units and a lodging refund.   Contact Chris Wachholz CWachholz@seattlebsa.org for Event refunds if you registered on the Council website.

IF YOU CAN MAKE IT - Let Rick know ASAP - let him know if you are coming up for Saturday only, or if you are coming Friday night and need lodging. 

IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT Rick - You may end up forfeiting your lodging to other units.

We may have fewer stations due to some units not being able to make this new date. There also may not be snow. We are still going to have a blast! More details to come. If you have questions, feel free to email me, or catch me at Roundtable on Thursday at 7pm!

Lyle Borders, Klondike Chair, lyle.borders@gmail.com