Here are some great suggestions for spreading the word about your Cub Scout Pack and registration night in the local community:

  • List your Registration Night in your local newspaper; include all schools from your area.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, personalize the letter.
  • Encourage an Eagle Scout to write a letter to the editor sharing his experiences.
  • Place flyers along mailboxes in neighborhoods served by pack.
  • Place yard signs around neighborhood entrances, just off school property, street medians, sport fields, and in the front yard of current families.  Put a sign at the street entrance of grocery stores and the intersection near your local Costco.
  • Put flyers in the local library with the help of your District Executive.
  • Put flyers on any community area service board you can find.
  • Create "Mobile Recruiting Packets" for people you meet.  This packet could include items you think would provide information about our program and your individual unit:
    • Welcome letter
    • Pack Calendar
    • Invite to next Pack activity
    • Onboarding postcard
    • Boys Life mini-magazine
    • Pack leader biographies
  • Host a bike rodeo, scavenger hunt or any event that provides boys an activity at the school one
  • Encourage current Cub Scouts to #BringAFriend. Give the Cub Scout a gift certificate for Cold Stone Creamery, DQ, or a cookie store for bringing a friend and his parents to Membership Registration Night or any other night. Recognize the scout at the pack meeting if the new boy is recruited. Have
    him introduce his friend.
  • Create a trading card with your pack information including when the meeting takes place and contact information.  Ask your Cub Scouts to pass them out.  Create several trading cards with pictures of various outings or fun events such as archery, pine wood derby cars or fishing.
  • Create a business card for your pack.
  • Have a wooden nickel stamped with your pack number and meeting time for the boys to pass out to friends.
  • Hold a Pinewood Derby Day!  Take your pinewood derby track outdoors and have a lot of cars for the boys to race.
  • At a public swimming pool hold a swimming party.  Make the event a dual-purpose event, a fun activity for the current Cubs and invite your target membership.  Have a number of swimming activities planned.
  • Hold a Geocaching event and pass out a segment for the completed activity for their first award.
  • Create a video of your Pack having fun and post to YouTube (with permission of the youth and their parents of course!)