Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

C-1 What are common mistakes in the ceremony to present the Bobcat badge?

Once a boy meets the requirements, he is entitled to the badge. Do not tell him he must meet extra requirements before he can wear the badge.

C-2 What does a unit do if a boy is physically or mentally unable to complete some requirements?

Most boys actually can accomplish the requirements, with some patience on their part, their parents and their leaders. After all, the test is whether he has done his best. If he cannot, the Cubmaster and pack committee may approve substitution electives for achievement requirements. It is best to include parents in the process. Before doing this, consult the Cub Scout Leader Book and  Working with Scouts with Disabilities booklet.

C-3 Who signs off for Cub Scout advancement requirements?

A key responsibility for den leaders is to implement the core den meeting plans as outlined in the  Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide, No. 34409. For Wolf, Bear, and Webelos advancement, den leaders take the lead in approving requirements, though their assistants, and also parents who help at meetings, may be asked to play the role of “Akela” and assist. Parents sign for requirements that, according to meeting plans and instructions in the handbooks, take place at home. For the Bobcat trail and Tiger Cub achievements, parents (or adult partners) should sign in the boy’s handbook; the den leader then approves as progress is recorded in the den’s advancement record.  Guide to Advancement