Green River District

Day Camp Program 2019
Each year over 1,400 Cub Scouts enjoy a full-day of programming at one of eleven day camp sites spread across the Puget Sound region. Accompanied by their leaders or parents, each den learns new skills as they travel from station to station. Participants do not stay overnight, but come back each day.
Dens can choose the camp which works best for their location and schedule, regardless of which district they are registered in.

Green River District - Tigers, evening
Renton Lions Youth Camp, Maple Valley, July 30 — August 1

Green River District - Wolves, Bears, & Webelos - day time
Renton Lions Youth Camp, Maple Valley, July 30 — August 2

How to Register
Most packs appoint a Day Camp Coordinator who ensures the registration process is completed for their pack. If your pack doesn’t have a day camp coordinator, individual families are welcome to register. Visit to register.
For camps using online registration, paper forms are no longer necessary.

The Camps
There are eleven sites and varying dates to choose from. Each camp has its own flavor, so be sure to find the one the works best for your den. Camp fees, registration paperwork and due dates vary by camp, so be sure to select the camp you want to attend when you register online.