Ignite Your Membership Workshop

Our 6th annual Ignite Your Membership workshop was held on March 13th, both in Seattle and on the peninsula.

Presentations for the evening included:

            Lion Update Lions became an official member of the Cub Scout family in February 2018.  For the
            latest on the Lion program, visit the Lion page on Scouting Wire.

            Family Scouting Update
            Check out an update from February 2018
            Latest updates and additional resources can be found on Scouting Wire
            Additional resources on Scouting.Org

           Onboarding Our New Families
           While we do a great job at getting youth signed up and communicating with them, we need to do a
           better job at welcoming families each time we see them and facilitating getting them all the
           information they need to get the best out of our program.  Check out the presentation here.

           We did an exercise for each of the potential onboarding tasks for a unit.  The results are right here:

            Registration Night
            Parent Orientation
            First Pack Meeting
            Volunteer Opportunities
            Ongoing Support

                                                         Hope to see you next year!