Our next Ignite Your Membership Workshop is Tuesday, April 4th.

The theme for the 2016 Ignite Your Membership workshops held in March was "Onboarding New Families."  In order to encourage families to join Scouting, we need to think about who they are and what they want for their children.  We need to make them feel welcome. 

We had a full and active house for the workshop:

Ignite1 2


Ignite2 2

Here are the presentations for the evening:

General Session

     Onboarding Our Families Welcome new families and make them feel included from the very beginning.

    pdf Onboarding Our Families

    pdf Onboarding Our Families - Notes

Break Out Sessions

     How to Tell Your Story Learn how to use marketing materials to effectively tell the story of Boy Scouts and            what your unit has to offer to build a better boy.

    pdf How To Tell Your Story

     Getting ALL Families to Volunteer Having a problem getting families to say "yes" to helping out?  Be able to          get everyone to volunteer for something.

    pdf Getting All Families To Volunteer

    pdf Getting ALL Families to Volunteer - Notes

     Building an Annual Calendar: Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts Knowing what to expect is key to attracting                   families, brush up on how to create an annual calendar.

     Q & A With Boy Scouts: Transitioning from Webelos Talk to Boy Scouts and a Scoutmaster about moving              from Wevbelos to Boy Scouts.  

    pdf Webelos To Boy Scout Transition

    pdf Webelos To Boy Scout Transition - Notes

     Building a Tiger Den Start off the newest boys and their families on the right adventure.

    pdf Tiger Recruitment Timeline

     pdf Building a Tiger Den  – presentation outline