Ignite Your Membership Workshop

Our annual Ignite Your Membership workshop was held April 4th at the Council Service Center.  The workshop is intended to provide messaging and strategies for recruiting Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. 

We had a full parking lot and active house for the 2017 workshop. A lot of great energy in the room.




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Presentations for the evening included:

General Session

Why Scouting A summary of portions of the Tufts Study which examined character development in boys who participated in Boy Scouts and those boys who did not.

Power Point                           2017 General Presentation Why Scouting

Notes                                        2017 General Presentation Why Scouting Handout

The entire study can be found on the Tufts Camp Study website

Break Out Sessions

1.  Recruiting Cub Scouts

2.  Building a Volunteer Base This was a moderated panel of 3 leaders in the community who have grown their units as well as other units in their community. Each of the styles were different and changed based on the personality of the unit. Regardless of style, there were three characteristics in units with the strongest volunteer base: 1) The unit has established a 'culture' of everyone doing something. 2) Positions are often broken up, and shared between two people. 3) Positions are of a limited term, with a clear end-date. 

3.  Planning Your Unit’s Ideal Year of Scouting

4.  Q&A With Boy Scouts: Transitioning from Webelos Talk to Boy Scouts and a Scoutmaster about moving from Webelos to Boy Scouts

Power Point                           2017 04 Webelos to Boy Scout Transition slides

Notes                                        2017 04 Webelos to Boy Scout Transition Handout

5.  Building a Tiger Den Start off the newest boys and their families on the right adventure

Building a Tiger Den Presentation Outline    pdf Tiger Recruitment Timeline

Tiger Recruitment Timeline                                 pdf Building a Tiger Den  – presentation outline


Hope to see you next year!