Welcome to the Chief Seattle Council camps. Whether you are part of a youth non-profit, religious, school, Scouting or military group we are pleased you are considering us for your next conference or campout. Reservations for camp usage are made with each individual camp. For information about each camp property, look  under Camping - Camps & Properties. You can also view photos below:

Camp Sheppard Photo Gallery
Camp Edward Photo Gallery

(Photo galleries for our other camps are coming soon)                                                                                                       

Making your rental request:                                                                                                                 

Rental requests are now made online.  Each camp has its own request form. This is a request only, not a confirmation. Please complete and submit the rental request for the camp of your choice. You will receive a response soon after:

IMPORTANT: We will be introducing a new online rental reservation system within the next few months. Please note that prices have changed for 2019-20 rentals. Notification will go out to units when the new rental system goes live.

2019-20 Camp Edward Rental Request
2019-20 Camp Parsons Rental Request
2019-20 Camp Pigott Rental Request
2019-20 Camp Sheppard Rental Request
From January to March Camp Sheppard is unavailable on weekends for rentals due to Winter  Camp                                                                                                                                                                     

*If your unit is interested in attending Winter Camp, please go to the Camp Sheppard webpage HERE for reservation information.*

COPE and Climbing Tower:

Located at Camp Pigott, Chief Seattle Council state-of the-art COPE and Climbing Wall courses offer a team-building and personal initiative program for Scouting teenagers and their leaders. COPE and climbing activities help units learn to work more effectively as teams while providing youth a safe place to challenge themselves to perform their best.

COPE and Climbing Tower Rental Request 

COPE Information
Pigott Climbing Tower Information
Portable Tower Information

Once your rental is approved by camp staff:

For BSA groups                                                                                                                                

  1. Read the Camp Rental Guidebook.                                                               

  2. Complete:
    Camp Rental Application
    2019-20 Rental Fee Schedule
    Peanut Policy

  3. Submit the completed forms and payment to the selected camp:                         
    Camp Contacts

For Non-BSA groups                                                 
(Youth non-profits, schools, church groups, military only)

  1. Read the Camp Rental Guidebook.

  2. Complete:
    Camp Rental Agreement
    2019-20 Rental Fee Schedule
    Hold  Harmless Agreement
    Peanut Policy                                       

  3. Submit the completed forms and payment to the selected camp:
    Camp Contacts   
    For questions, contact the Camping Department at 206-725-0361 or


Directions to Camps

Camp Parsons
Camp Pigott
Camp Edward
Camp Sheppard