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Onboarding New Parents

Welcome to the adventure of Scouting in the Chief Seattle Council. We look forward to helping you begin your journey. If you are unable to find the answers you need in the information provided here, please contact your Unit Leader or District Executive.

The Adventure of Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Leaders

Chartering Partners
Adult Application Process
Youth Protection
Adult Leader Training Opportunities

The Adventure of Cub Scouts

Welcome to the adventure of Cub Scouting! The Cub Scout program provides a common community for boys from 1st to 5th grade to learn, take risks and grow in a safe, fun, group environment. Here are some links to help you learn more about Cub Scouts:

Cub Scout Leaders

Thank you for being a Cub Scout leader! Cub Scouting is all about new things. Fun, friends, and adventure.
To help you get started please use the links below:

I am a Den Leader, now what?

Being a Den Leader is an amazing experience. Remember, there is no one way to run a den meeting. If you and the boys are having fun, then you ran a successful den meeting.
Here is a listing of available resources to help:

  • Online, on the National website Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide
  • Hard copy of the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide at the Scout Shop
  • Hard copy of the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide for purchase online
  • District Roundtable held the second Thursday of each month.
  • Find out exactly when and where your district Roundtable meets

In addition to formal resources, many ideas, activities and experiences come from current and previous Den Leaders, such as the ones in the section below:

Do you have an idea to share?  We would love to hear about it!

New Den Leader? Questions to ask to get started:

These are questions that as a new Den Leader you might want to ask your Pack Committee to help you get started.

  • How much time does being a Den Leader take?
  • How long do I hold the position?
  • Who do I contact for supplies?
  • How do I pay for supplies?
  • What if the boys are not having fun?
  • Who do I contact for help?
  • What do I do if the kids are not listening?
  • If I do not like being a Den Leader, what are my options to step down?
  • Is there a handbook or program to follow?
  • How do the boys earn their advancement?
  • What are pins and belt loops?
  • What if I cannot make a meeting?
  • How do I document advancement?

Check out the answers to many more questions on the National website.

How to Prepare for Your First Den Meeting

Get parents involved immediately!

  • Have a parent only meeting, preferably before your first den meeting and set expectations.
  • Parents should be part of the process of setting up the den calendar for the entire school year.
  • Parents should sign up to host a den run a den activity – delegate and share the fun!
    • Each family can host a den meeting at their house and run the activities.
    • Each family can make arrangements and communicate the details for a den outing or field trip.
  • Help keep your Pack strong by encouraging parents to sign up for a volunteer role in the den or Pack.

Attendance at Den Meetings

  • A parent must be with their Cub Scout at all times, Cub Scouts is NOT a drop off activity:
    • At Pack meetings
    • At Den meetings
    • At Den outings/field trips
  • Set a den policy of whether or not siblings are able to attend
    • Some Den Leaders do siblings at meetings
    • Some Den Leaders siblings at outings/field trips
  • How often should your den meet?
    • Twice a month at a den meeting (an outing or field trip is considered a den meeting)
    • Once a month at the Pack meeting
  • When to meet?
    • Pick a day of the week and keep it the same throughout the year
      • For example Wednesday nights at 7 PM

Den Leader Administrative Duties

  • Schedule den meetings and activities
  • Communicate with our Scout families regarding upcoming pack and den activities
  • Assist and prepare your Scouts for advancement
  • Find out when special ceremonies are held at upcoming Pack meetings
    • Bobcat Award
    • Blue & Gold
    • Arrow of Light Ceremony
    • Rank Advancements
  • Track your Scouts' accomplishments
    • Forms available online
  • Awards
    • When are they presented to the Cub Scouts?
  • Pack meetings or den meetings?
  • Other types of awards
    • Segments, Beads, Belt loops
  • Administers your Den's popcorn sales
    • Get a parent to help!

Den Meeting Housekeeping Items

  • Den Dues
    • Pays for materials used for crafts and projects done at den meetings
    • Den dues may or may not pay entrance fees related to outings/field trips
  • Gathering Activity
    • Have an activity for the Cub Scouts to work on immediately upon arrival at Den meeting
      • Word search, crossword puzzle, thank you note for recent outing, draw a picture for a rank advancement
  • Local Tour Permit Application & Informed Consent Agreement
  • Uniform
    • Decide when to wear the uniform shirt and when to wear the Pack t-shirt
    • Den Leaders should also wear their uniform
    • Official placement of insignia is online
    • Vests are available  to display segments
  • Items you may want to purchase (from den dues)
    • Plastic container to hold your den supplies
    • Small United States flag for den opening ceremony
  • Den Photographer
    • Take pictures to share
    • At Crossover ceremony you can put together a picture show of the activities

What is your Den's role with the Pack?

  • Check with your Pack's Cub Scout Committee to find out what your Den's responsibilities are at Pack meetings
  • For example, your Den may responsible for a Pack meeting:
    • Set up of meeting space
    • Opening flag ceremony
    • Running the activity/program
    • Closing ceremony
    • Clean-up of meeting space

Do you have an idea to share?  We would love to hear about it!

I am a Cubmaster, now what?

Thank you for stepping up to be the Pack Cubmaster.  You are responsible for running the Pack meeting and ensuring that the boys have a fun and memorable event.  Remember, there is no one way to run a pack meeting.  If the boys are having fun and leave with a smile on their face, then you ran a successful gathering.

Here is a listing of available formal resources to help:

In addition to formal resources many ideas, activities and experiences come from the past Cubmaster or the Pack Committee:

  • Ask the other Pack Committee for any materials that they may have to share
  • With the Pack committee, set an annual calendar of events and activities each spring so that you are ready to get started in the fall


Do you have an idea to share?  We would love to hear about it!


Chartering Partners

Each Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop or Venturing Crew is part of the community by partnering with a local organization to help guide and nurture the unit.  Chartering organizations may be civic, faith-based, or educational organizations.  By partnering with a local, community based organization, Boy Scout units will reflect the personality of the community. 

For more information about how our Chartering Partner relationship works, pdf click here

Here is a pdf fact sheet about our Chartering Partners, who they are and how many units they sponsor.


Adult Application Process

All youth serving adult volunteers are required to fill out an application and submit to a background check.  Ask your unit for an application form, download the form from the National website, or pick one up at the Chief Seattle Council Resource Center, 3120 Rainier Ave South, PO Box 440408, Seattle, WA 98114.

All Chief Seattle applicants must complete Youth Protection training prior to turning in the application.  Please attach a copy of the completion certificate to the application.


Adult Leader Training Opportunities

All adult leadership opportunities require position specific training in addition to Youth Protection.  All direct-contact leaders are required to complete basic training in order for their units to recharter each year.  Direct-contact leaders include: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Venturing Advisor, Associate Advisor, Varsity Coach, Assistant Varsity Coach, Skipper, Mate.  Studies have shown a positive correlation between a successful and thriving unit, and a trained adult leadership staff.

Training opportunities are available in a number of ways:

Check out the Chief Seattle Council Training website for more information and a complete list of online and in-person courses.