At the September merit badge clinic in Redmond, scouts started work on Personal Management, Personal Fitness, and Family Life which take three months to complete.  Now that three months have passed, we invite scouts to come back on Saturday January 13th to complete the same three merit badges at the Redmond merit badge clinic.  For this occurrence only, the clinic is moved to 10am-noon at the Redmond LDS Stake Center, 10115 172nd Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052, across from Redmond High School.

Merit Badge clinics to be offered at the monthly Roundtable meetings for 2018

  • January - Emergency Preparedness
  • February - Communications
  • March - Personal Fitness
  • April - Citizenship in the Nation
  • May - Personal Management
  • September - Family Life
  • October - Safety
  • November - Citizenship in the Community

Some badges will have pre-requisites to be completed before the meeting, some will have actions to take after, so do not expect a completed blue card at the end of each meeting (unless the Scout has done the homework early.)

Jim Eichner, who works with a local Episcopal Church, is also working with Hopelink on a number of projects which might be suitable for Eagle Scout projects.
One involves the building of a second barrel washer for Oxbow Farm, which is a non-profit, and gives thousands of pounds of produce to Hopelink each year.