The time you spent this past summer at Cub Day Camp, hiking trails, herding Scouts to the dining hall, and singing campfire songs helped build your Scouts’ sense of adventure, teamwork, and ability to overcome challenges.

Chances are you helped those Scouts create a handful of memories they will keep for the rest of their lives.  That same volunteer time, which has already had a profound effect on the youth around you, could have a huge impact financially for Scouting.

Please take the time today to log in your BSA Volunteer Hours.

This process provides essential funding for the same camps and activities your Scouts enjoyed this summer here in Chief Seattle Council.  And, for every 50 hours you volunteer, your pack or troop will receive 100 Scout Bucks that can be used for council and district activities. Click on the link below, if you are a Microsoft employee: 

What is "Wood Badge"?  Leadership skills training for adult Scouters in all programs, from Cubs through Venturing

Who is it for?  You! If you have completed basic training for your Scouting position, then Wood Badge is for you. Everyone should attend Wood Badge within 2 years of completing their basic position training. This includes Cub, Boy Scout, Venturing, and Sea Scout leaders; committee members at the unit, district, and council level; and even Scouting professionals.

Why should I attend?  Wood Badge teaches practical leadership skills including better communications, conflict management, team development, project planning, and more. It does so while demonstrating how Scouts and Scouters work together in a fun camp setting. The skills you gain from Wood Badge give you a common leadership framework to use through all Scouting programs, as well as in your job, church, community, and family. Wood Badge is useful, fun, and inspiring. People who have been trained professionally, such as in the military or business, as well as professional trainers, frequently remark that Wood Badge delivers first class leadership training more effectively than other training they have had. In addition, you will meet and work with Scouters from all over our council who can answer questions, discuss problems, share experiences, and become contacts you can call on for years.

What does it cost?