“I asked a Scoutmaster once, in a great city, how he managed his Saturday hikes, whether in the park or in the country? He did not have them at all. Why not? Because his boys did not care about them. They preferred to come into the meeting room on Saturday afternoons! Of course, they preferred it, poor little beggars; they were accustomed to being indoors. But that is what we are out to prevent in the Scouts - our object is to wean them from indoors and to make the outdoors attractive to them.” - BP


Wally Kempe

The time you spent this past summer at Cub Day Camp, hiking trails, herding Scouts to the dining hall, and singing campfire songs helped build your Scouts’ sense of adventure, teamwork, and ability to overcome challenges.

Chances are you helped those Scouts create a handful of memories they will keep for the rest of their lives.  That same volunteer time, which has already had a profound effect on the youth around you, could have a huge impact financially for Scouting.

Please take the time today to log in your BSA Volunteer Hours.

This process provides essential funding for the same camps and activities your Scouts enjoyed this summer here in Chief Seattle Council.  And, for every 50 hours you volunteer, your pack or troop will receive 100 Scout Bucks that can be used for council and district activities. Click on the link below, if you are a Microsoft employee: https://microsoft.benevity.org/user 


Every unit leader, assistant, and parent is a trainer. Effective trainers are always looking for ways to improve their communication and teaching skills. The Trainer Development Conference is all about providing new ways to strengthen your presentation skills and help you design Scouting environments that maximize the benefit for the youth.

Saturday, January 21st - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Camp Parsons

Scouting teaches “leave a trace”.

I snicker at the media and others who have less than kind words for The Boy Scouts.  Then, in various shows have a character say, “well, we are not Boy Scouts here” or “this is not the Boy Scouts”!  Thus affirming, in a backhanded way, the positive values BSA teaches the youth in the program. What is needed to make this world a better place is for everyone to live by the oath, law, slogan, and motto of scouting.

When we teach a boy to "Do a Good Turn Daily" we have taught the boy to “LEAVE A TRACE” with each Good Turn they do.

Scout Leaders, you have a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Keep it up!

Wally - District Chair - wallykempe@gmail.com 

I hope that each and every Troop, Team, and Crew in the District has at least 2 youth attend NYLT this summer. With the exception of "Every Adult Leader" attending Woodbadge, there is nothing that will do more for your unit. What it will do for the participants attending is fantastic.
NYLT and Woodbadge are "Life Changing".  Take advantage of the opportunity.
Thanks, Wally Kempe, District Chairman