April 26th is the date of the District Dinner. Be sure to invite your entire unit’s adult staff of Volunteers to celebrate another year of great scouting at the District Recognition Dinner.

The District Dinner is our opportunity to recognize volunteers for the fantastic work done in the district and your unit. Make sure to thank those who make your unit work with a little public recognition. We all appreciate the positive recognition of our contributions.

Please go to: https://seattlebsa.org/samm-trails-events/sammamish-trails-awards-menu/1660-st-district-awards-2018 to get information on how to submit your units Award Applications. Everyone can submit an application.

Whom will you recognize for: The Sparkplug Award, Cubmaster or Scoutmaster of the year, Varsity Coach or Venturing Advisor of the year, Scouting Family of the Year! Blue Heron or District Award of Merit.