Find out WHO the REAL men are!

Arrive Friday night any time after 5:00 p.m. and leave Saturday at 5:00 p.m.
All Varsity Teams in the Council will compete against one another in several Mountain Man contests.
The winner will take home a traveling trophy with their Unit number engraved name on it.  
Poulsbo Team 1570 won the trophy in 2015.
Who will win it in 2017?
Only Varsity Teams may compete with Varsity Scouts. 
To compete, a scout must be 14 as of May 7, 2017 and not yet 16 on Jan 1, 2017
A Venturer may not compete as a member of the Varsity team unless he turned 16 in the last few months, during this calendar year. Scouts aged 17 and 18 are not permitted to participate.
The intent of this event is to give the Varsity Teams in the Council a High Adventure Scouting activity they can prepare for and participate in.
The competitions include:
  • Black Powder rifle
  • Single man canoe paddle around a buoy and back
  • Tomahawk Throw, Spear Toss and Knife Throwing
  • Wood stack and carry contest
  • The famous John Colter Run: strength and speed.
  • Obstacle Course
  • The Bungie Cord Pull
  • Shelter building from local materials

Each event is based on the Varsity Team having at least five members who will work as a team to compete in each event. (If you have less than five, combine with another ward. For some events having more than five will help.)
Cost is $10.00 per scout.  This is to cover the camp, the Friday night Cracker Barrel and Black Powder.
To register your team, either go to the Chief Seattle Council web site, locate the dates on the council calendar, click and register in advance or email David Carlson at
The entire Camp Parsons has been reserved for this event.  We have bunk houses for every one until all are filled. If you arrive after 7:00 p.m. bring tents just in case all bunks houses are full.
You need to bring your own food for all meals and sleeping bags.
Bring your Varsity Team or Combine another Team to make 5 and come have some fun!

pdf Varsity Mountain Man 2017 Flyer