Alpine District Advancement

General advancement information including National advancement resources is available on the Chief Seattle Council Advancement page.  Also visit Alpine District Merit Badge Counselors and Rosters.

Advancement Committee Chair

Kirk Albrecht

Eagle Advancement

Trail to Eagle Guide – NEW!

The 2021 Alpine District Trail to Eagle is now available for download:
Trail to Eagle by Kirk Albrecht

Also review Kirk’s January 2021 Roundtable Presentation:
Guidelines for Eagle Scout Candidates

Eagle Scout Service Project Support

Mike Dunn of Dunn Lumber shared that Dunn Lumber has increased its support of Eagle Scout service projects. Dunn Lumber will provide all materials at cost with a $200 credit towards the total. The Scout must pick up the materials at the store.

Diversity Merit Badge

Per the BSA National Advancement Program Team:

Please note that the original dates set for earning the Diversity Merit Badge and new rank requirements have been put on hold at the current time. Scouts should continue their advancement work as usual.

When changes to the current advancement policies are finalized, those will be announced as always, with an abundance of lead time.

Eagle Application Coordinator

Eagle Boards of Review are assigned to Committee members by the Eagle Application Coordinator. Send reference letters to:
Kirk Albrecht, 595 Mountainside Drive SW, Issaquah WA 98027 (new address as of 8/19/2020)

Kirk Albrecht

Eagle Project Reviewers

Project applicants may use any reviewer.

Kirk Albrecht
Carol Cordray
Jonathan Koshar
Deborah Meehan
Brian Pickering

Seattle Service Center (Eagle Rank Application Submittal)

Eagle Rank Applications can be filed by email to the Council registrar.  Please see the Council’s Eagle Rank Application page for complete instructions and additional options.

More Resources

Generic Troop Handbook MAY 2017 Rev for modification by Troops (Word document)
This generic Troop Handbook is intended to be used as a starter and modified by the Troop. This handbook was a Doctor of Commissioner Science thesis for Commissioner Walter Beauchamp (former Scoutmaster), and was reviewed and approved by Bruce Anderson, Council Commissioner.