Aquila District

marblesWarm up those shooters so you can knuckle down and play for keeps without histing or hunching! No idea what that last sentence means? That's OK, it just means we're getting ready to play marbles! Aquila District Cub Scouts spend one Saturday morning in February playing the game of Ringer and increasing their collection of marbles (as well as learning all that marbles lingo). Bring your favorite shooter if you've got one, otherwise we'll give you one. If you're a first through fifth grade Scout, this is one event you won't want to miss (get it?). You can also join Scouts and play by filling out an application at the door.

Scouts will play 7 games of marbles (Ringer) against other Scouts their own age. The tournament uses 5 foot rings instead of the "official" 10 foot rings and the tournament playing surface is thick craft paper taped to the floor. Scouts can bring their own shooter marbles as long as they are not smaller than 1/2" nor larger than 3/4" in diameter, and shooter diameter is measured at the tournament. Please read through the tournament rules for more information.

Scouts get a participation certificate and activity segment for attending the tournament, they get to keep all marbles they knock out of the ring, and the top three competitors at each Den level win a trophy and even more marbles.

Note: this event will not be run in 2017, please see the Raingutter Regatta event page instead.

Please read through the tournament rules for more information. Please direct questions to your Cubmaster or Dave Olson 206-246-3339 (contact).

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