Aurora Volunteer Recognition Awards

Aurora District Recognition Dinner Event

Plans to be determined by COVID Rules

District Wide Award Nominations due March 1, 2021

Shooting Stars Due by March 1, 2021

Unit Leader Awards of Merit, Training Awards and Scouter Key forms may be turned in at anytime during the year.

Most Active Pack Award
This award is based on the Journey To Excellence program, and categories for Pack Activities and development and is selected by the District Executive.  To register your Journey To Excellence or to get the form to complete, please email our District Executive John Padgett

Shooting Star Award
The Shooting Star Award is a Award in which only the Unit Leader or Committee Chair can fill out. Only three (3) per unit is accepted.  The Aurora District Key 3 can also nominate scouters for events done on the district level.  

Aurora District Shooting Star Nomination Form 2020

Outstanding Cubmaster  /  Scoutmaster / Adviser LEADER Award
This award is for a Scoutmaster, Cub Master, or an Adviser.  If you want to recognize your unit leader as being a person that does much for his community, the unit and the youth in your area.

Aurora District Award Nomination Form Master 2020

Outstanding Cub / Boy / Venturing Adult Scouter Award
This award is for all other Scouters like Committee Chairs/Members, Assistant Unit Leaders, Commissioners, etc.   If you want to recognize your unit leader as being a person that does much for his community, the unit and the youth in your area.

Aurora District Award Nomination Form Master 2020

Unit Leader Award of Merit
Boy Scouts of America created the Unit Leader Award of Merit to recognize the quality unit leaders who make this happen. Quality unit leadership is the key to a quality unit program—and it leads to better Scout retention. Statistics show that if young people stay engaged in the program for at least five years, the BSA’s influence likely will stay with them for the rest of their lives. A quality Scouting experience will help keep Scouts in the program.  See for form for more details.

BSA Unit Leader Award of Merit Form

Bob & Margaret Story Family Award
This award, started in 1994 given in memory of this couple to a  family which has demonstrated their dedication to the Scouting program, their community and family.  At age 96, on December 26, 1993, Mr. Story quietly passed away and one week later, his beloved wife, Margaret died. Both were involved in the restoration of Japan after WWII, Bob as director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Margaret as a teacher in the American School. Both were active in the Tokyo Union Church.  They started Pack and Troop 6 in the Far East Council. Returning to Seattle in 1973 and Bob was the International Scouting representative on the Council Executive Board and Margaret a Cub RT leader.  Both earned Woodbadge beads and received Silver Beavers.

Aurora District Award Nomination Form Master 2020

Good Turn Award 
Since 1980 this award has been an opportunity for the District Scout Executive to recognize a person who has gone the extra mile in supporting Scouting in our District. It is a rotating award. Each year the recipients name is added to the large plaque. 

George Ledger Award 
George Ledger (February 5, 1910-December 24, 1996) is the Scouter for whom this award is named. Started in 1995, it is given to a Scouter who exemplifies what George stood for in his life of leadership. This stalwart, along with his late wife Frances, served with energy and love, Troop 151, our District and Council for more than 50 years. He was a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chair, held numerous District and Council positions as well as participated in both National and World Jamborees. His passion was Training and he served as Round Table leader and was a advocate for Woodbadge.  A generous financial supporter, he provided funds for two flag poles and the climbing tower at Camp Parsons in memory of his wife and son. At Parsons, he was often a visiting commissioner. He received the Silver Beaver and George Meany award. He loved Scouts and continued his interest, support, friendship always ready with a Scout story and homemade cookies well into his 80’s.

Aurora District Award Nomination Form Master 2020

District Award of Merit
The District Award of Merit is the highest recognition given by our District for excellence in service to youth. The Council equivalent is the Silver Beaver. A District Nominating Committee composed of veteran Scouters selects the recipients.

The Silver Beaver Award is presented upon action of a Council Executive Board for service to youth within the Council. Generally, the Silver Beaver is awarded for service to Scouting for at least ten years or longer. This award is bestowed upon only those persons who have given continued, unselfish, and effective service to the community, usually through the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, but not limited to Scouting. Because individuals may not nominate themselves for this award, only those persons who have been nominated by their Scouting peers are considered.  Nominations are due in late November of each year. 

Please complete the Silver Beaver nomination form and submit completed form by November 1 to:

Darcy Niedermeyer, Nomination Committee
13330 3rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA  98125

Email Darcy  for more info. 

Most Active Pack

Year               Unit
2008            P-309
2009            P-167
2010            P-309
2011            P-850
2012            P-100
2013            P-100
2014            P-167
2015            P-321
2016            P-177
2018             P-121

District Awards Forms & Descriptions

Most Active Pack Awards

Outstanding Unit Leaders

Outstanding Scouter Award

Unit Leader Award of Merit

Bob & Margaret Story award

Good Turn Award

George Ledger Award

District Award of Merit

Aurora Silver Beaver Recipients

Outstanding Cubmaster

Year     Recipient          Pack
2018  Allan Muchmore    P 177
2017   Jerel Frauenheim  P 338
2016   Bob Smith               P 121
2015   Eric Chastain          P 321
2015   Jeff Coombs           P 7072
2014   David Sweeney       P 167
2013   Daryl Kapp              P 167
2013   Chris Medford        P 167
2012   Jeanie Hemmen     P 152
2011   Andrew Benson       P 321
2011   Robert Smith           P 121
2010  Linden Anderson    P 309
2010  Marty Horne            P 100

Outstanding Scoutmaster

Year       Recipients          Troop
2018  Trenton Gillespie     T 177
2017  Steve Cockburn     T 348
2016  Glen Owen           T 106
2015  Tony Amort          T 121
2014  Michael Smith       T  167
2013   Ayengar Prahlad     T 166
2013   Ken  Martin           T  80
2012   Mark Gedosch       T 100
2011   No Recipient
2010   Tom Ranken         T 80

Outstanding Crew Advisor

Year       Recipients      Crew
2015     Diana Dunnell     C  100

Outstanding Sea Scout Skipper

Year    Recipients       Ship
2016    Bernard Bruce   S 2062

Outstanding Scouter Award In a Cub Pack

2018    Alicia Jancola     P 100
2015  Xandra Esko     P 850

Outstanding Scouter Award In a Troop

2018   Dr. Jim Joki        T-325
2016   Erik King           T 348
2015   Allen Hendrin     T 80
2015   Paul McCurtry    T 100

Outstanding Scouter Award In a Venture Crew

2016   Danny Lange     C 310
2015   Marty Kenney    C 310

Outstanding Scouter Award on a Sea Scout Ship

2016   Robyn Kolke      C 2062
2015   Mary Maloney   C 2062

Outstanding Scouter Award In a District Position

2018     no recipient
2017    Joe Gerhke
2016    Eric Snyder
2015    Jim Hansen
2015    Ron Maxell

Unit Leader Award of Merit  New for 2016


Bob & Margaret Story Family Award

2018   Linden & Rebecca Anderson
2017    Robert & KaLyn Burmeister
2016   Carolyn & Jim Grane
2015   Alan & Nancy Marx
2014   Tony & Nancy Grega
2013   Derek and Barbara Martinez
2013   Ed and Sheila Millman
2012   Stephen and Elizabeth Fallin
2011   Doug and Carmela Park
2010   Paul and Kathy Hendricks
2009   No Recipient
2008   Tim and Mandy Crow
2007   David and Janice Maxson
2006   Curt and Ellen Winningham
2005   The Lambert Family
2004   No Recipient
2003   No Recipient
2002   Jim and Maureen Britt
2001   Harry, Lenore, and Jim Mazurk
2000   Robert and Linda Overlie
1999   Fred and Alberta Tobey
1998   Dale O. and Ramona Magden
1997   John and Judy Opheim
1996   Dennis and Paulette Cziske
1995   Gale and Jane Breitkreutz
1994   Vic and Delores Cohrs

Good Turn Award Recipients

2018  Wesley Miles
2017   Rod Gowdy
2016   Eric Snyder
2015   Darcy Niedermeyer
2014   Steve Cockburn
2013   Terri Lovelace
2012   Darcy Niedermeyer
2011   Delores Cohrs
2010   Doug Baer
2009   Steve Lundh
2008   Lincoln Ferris
2007   Bill Sylvester
2006   Robert Nicholson
2005   Mandy Crow
2004   Lyle Hall
2003   Linda Overlie
2002   Gerry Sue Pallas
2001   Tony Piro
2000   Gale Breitkreutz
1999   Jim Mazurk
1998   Jane Breitkreutz
1997   Dennis Wise
1996   Dick Richards
1995   Harry Mazurk
1994   Wally Waak
1993   John Cole
1992   Carol Oldfin
1991   Bruce Adee
1990   Dave Compton
1989   Joan Hemmingsen
1988   Del Loder
1987   Warren Brown
1986   Vic Cohrs
1985   Fred & Alberta Tobey
1984   Kiyoo Yamamoto
1983   Delores Cohrs
1982   Gordon Olson
1981   Russ Lomax

George Ledger Award Recipients

2018     Lee Cohrs
2017     Steve Lundh
2016    Bill Sylvester
2015    Gordon Olson
2014    Steve Cockburn
2013    Rod Gowdy
2012    Marty Horne
2011    Bob Overlie
2010    Lee Monteith
2009    No Recipient
2008    Frank Charvet
2007    Bruce Johnson
2006    Tony Amort
2005    Paul Hendricks
2004    Gary Buck
2003    Larry Rudolph
2002    Harry Mazurk
2001    Victor Cohrs
2000    Tom McKoy
1999    Bill Montgomery
1998    Delores Cohrs
1997    Joan Hemmingsen
1996    Del Loder

District Award of Merit Recipients

2018     Steve Pierce           Eric Chastain   Wesley Miles
Wesley Miles        Bill Sylvester
Patty Meden             Jim Hansen
 Rebeccah Stratton     David Nelson
2014    Tom Ranken            Sheri Lange
2013    Mark Steelquist         Chris Mefford         Carl Bellows 
2012    John Prekeges, Jr.      Doug Baer
2011    Scott Reed                Rob Rosamond      Linden Anderson      Jeff Cropp
2010    Lee Eggebroten         Chris Trainer         Douglas Park          Carmela Park         Rod Gowdy       Steve Cockburn       Daniel Barkley 
2009    No recipients
2008    Darcy Niedermeyer     James Grane        Kevin Crane           Tony Amort 
2007    Prahiad Ayengar         Richard F. Maguire      Brent Compton       Brian Keaton
2006    Red Robinson             Ron Maxum       Paul Hendricks        Mandy Crow 
2005    Winningham, Ellen     Ryan, Bill       Maxell, Ron     Johnson, Fr. Bruce    Horne, Martin     Godlewski, Paul     Ferris, Lincoln     Colvin, Curtis
2004    Morrison, Marvin       Lundh, Steven B.      Lambert, Thomas     Hall, Lyle
2003    Sayah Jr., Raymond       Metzner, Steven A      Carlson, Eric
2002    Schrum, Kathleen        O’Donnell, Dan       Lovelace, Terri
2001    Rudolph, Larry         Owen, Mark        Lewarch, Dennis        Axon, Dick
2000    Overlie, Robert     Cohrs, Lee       Burkhalter, Edith        Blandin, Erick
1999    Overlie, Linda       Harrington, Roy       Britt, James       Bartholomew, Georgia
1998    Ryhter, Barb      Pallas, Gerry Sue       Mott, Cynthia       Anderson, Mark
1997    Treser, Chuck     Schwerdtfeger, Dick      McCaslin, Jerry      Hilton, Rupe
1996     Thompson, Dwight      Pfeifer, Cathy       Maslau, Fred      Magden, Dale K.
1995    Sutton, Keith      Oldenkamp, Paul       Morgan, Allan     Magden,Dale O.
1994    Wise, Dennis      Opheim, John       Newberry, George       Blandin, Bill
1993     Opheim, Judy      Loder, Del       Gudgel, Penny      Brotherson, Bob
1992    McKoy, Tom       Goodridge, Judith      Brown, Malcom     Breitkreutz, Jane
1991    Huston, Mark       Dagg, Chuck      Breitkreutz, Gale
1990   Goodridge, Dave      Gilbert, Steve      Carlisle, Bud       Cameron, Anne
1989   Warren, Bill       Saulewicz, Jan      Lango, Loren      Hurley, Mary      Adee, Bruce
1988    Wetherholt Robert C.      Mazurk, James E.      Mazurk, Harry       Cziske, Paulette S.       Clingan, Fred R
1987    Phair, Jim       Owen, Bud       McNeil, Robert      Wilson, Robert “Don”
1986    Lemke, Carol        Ingraham, William R      Davey, Lonnie       Baughn, Gary R       Ashby, Vern
1985   Piro, Anthony 1.      Mize, Diann M      Merrill, Monte O.
1983    McLellan, Peter      Hrutfiord, Jan       Fliflet, George       Bloom, Jim      Abrahamson, Jon W.R
1982    Tobey, Fred      Pickard, Jerry      Pahre, Dick       Dodge, rm      Daoura, George
1981   Watenpaugh, Keith        Olive, Ann      Kurrle, Nina     Hemmingsen, Joan     Bennett, William
1980    McKnight, Jim        Lines, Vardell       Lentz, Tom      Haydon, Clare      Bergman, Jolm
1979    Vol brecht, Charles    Van Wieringen, Leota         Sheridan, Charles        Scobee, Robert        Ledger, George C.       Cook, William E.        Compton, David S.
1978    Tobey, Edgar A        Reynolds, Ron        Reed, Lawrence       Olson, Gordon        Monteith, Lee F.      Hrutfiord, Bjorn       Cress, Dean
1977    Waring, Larry        Turner, Rae        Tracey, Ray         Simecek, Elsie         Rentas, Louis         Pederson, Paul 1.        Doyle, Donald R            Didzun, Dwight M.          Culver, John P
1976     Weller, Jack        Spitzbart, Seemah         Peterson, William          Oldfm, Carol         Oldfin, Edmund        Mosman, James       Mitchell, Angie       Langdon, William C.        Johnson, Douglas P.        Brown, Warren
1975     White, Dorma       Story, Margaret       Rutherford, Dorothy       Mills, Jim        Johnson, Richard L       Johnson, Clark       Guldahl, Alf       Greene, Gordon        Flickenworth, Fred
1974   Turner, Twink         Siem, Barbara       Schoenig, William         Reavely, Carol        Perry, Cloetta          Morgan, Vicki        Montgomery III, William          Mitchell, Arthur B.       Colman, Frank J.         Cole, John       Bever, Lloyd
1973    Van Wieringen, Don       Perez, Rudy        Montgomery, William        Marilley, Jack        Jonasson, Richard         Bochian, Charles
1972    Yamamoto, Kiyoo        Woog, Hjalmar        Westphal, Hans       Wells, Dick       Richardson, Leonard       Mungerson, John         Ledger, Frances        Charvat, Frank
1971    Siddons, Wilford        Reese, Karl B.       Gibbons, Clarence      Benson, Lenora
1970    Tobey, Alberta        Story, Robert C.        Munro, Kenneth       Marier, Violette        Lomax, Russell E.       Cohrs, Victor W.
1969    Leigh, Glen         Cohrs, Delores M.          Cahail, Kenneth  

Aurora District Silver Beaver Award Recipients:

Abrahamson, Jon W.R.     1972
Adee, Bruce                   1990
Allison, John                   1965
Armstrong, Dr. Robert H.   1971
Baker, Bruce F                 1978
Batie, Greg                      2004
Baughn, R. Gary              1988
Berkman, John                1981
Bloom, James M.             1984
Brann, Carl D.                 1970
Breitkreutz, Gale              1992
Breitkreutz, Jane              1993
Brown, Malcom                1995
Brown, Warren P              1978
Charvat, Frank                 1974
Christofferson, William P.    1968
Clark, H. Glover                1945
Clingan, Fred R.               1989
Cockburn, Steve               2015
Cohrs, Delores M.            1973
Cohrs, Lee                     2004
Cohrs, Victor W               1974
Cole, John E                   1972
Coleman, J. Frank            1972
Compton, David S            1980
Cook, William E               1979
Cress, Dean                    1982
Culver, John P                 1975
Culver, LaVern                 1972
Cziske, Paulette                1991
Danner, William                1959
Didzun, Dwight M             1977
Dodge, Norman E             1986
Donahue, Thomas F          1977
Doyle, Donald R               1979
Duff, Kenneth W.             1954
Eastman, Jesse E             1969
Ferris, Lincoln                  2009
Fliflet, George V.             1986
Goodridge, R. David         1991
Gowdy, Rod                    2014
Greene, Gordon K.           1980
Gudgel, Penny                 1994

Guldahl, Alf                     1980
Hall, Lyle                        2006
Haydon, Claire P              1981
Hemmingsen, Joan D        1984
Hendricks, Paul               2010
Higgins, Charles E. Jr       1976
Hilton, Harry, R. Jr.         1976
Hurley, Mary F               1990
Johnson, Clark               1970
Johnson, Richard Lee       1978
Jordan, Harry E              1967
Klein, Otto G. Jr             1967
Krippner, Howard            1943
Lambert, Thomas           2008
Lange, Sheri                  2018
Ledger, Frances            1974
Ledger, George C          1965
Lemke, Marvin O          1967
LePenske, James A       1971
Linde, Carl A                1953
Lingafelter, Edward C.    1964
Loder, Delbert W           1960
Lomax, Russell E           1973
Lovelace, Terri              2005
Lynch, James F            1978
Magden, Dale K            1999
Magden, Dale O            1996
Marier, Violette             1971
Marilley, Edward P        1978
Maslan, Fred                2001
Mazurk, Harry              1994
Mazurk, James E          1992
McCartney, Thomas W.  1967
McKnight, James E        1981
McKoy, Tom               1998
McLellan, Peter M         1987
Merrill, Osmand M.       1987
Minzel, George H.        1968
Mitchell, Arthur B.        1973
Mize, Diann M.            1985
Monteith, Lee E.          1980
Montgomery, William III      1986
Morgan, Allan              1997
Mossman, James W.     1973
Munro, Kenneth            1975

Niedermyer, Darcy        2013
Oldfin, Carol                1983
Olson, Gordon C.         1981
Opheim, Judy              1995
Overlie, Linda              2002
Overlie, Robert            2007
Pallas, Gerry Sue         2000
Parkins, Donald L.        1972
Perry, Cloetta Clauson    1986
Perry, Percy J              1958
Petrie, John P              1969
Pickard, Jerome D.       1984
Piro, Anthony J.           1989
Prusi, George A.          1972
Reed, Lawrence          1979
Reese, Karl B.             1975
Richards, Richard E       1969
Robinson, Robert         2011
Rosamond, Robin        2011
Rost, James A            1971
Sabel, Gerald J.           1973
Scott,Robert C.           1968
Sheridan, Charles P.     1980
Siddons, Wilfred J.       1972
Siem, Barbara            1972
Siem, William H.         1975
Southerton, Leroy       1980
Spitzbart, Seemah       1976
Stimpson, Irving E.      1964
Story, Margaret B.       1977
Story, Robert C.          1979
Stratton, Byron Lynn    1976
Thompson, Dwight      2003
Tobey, Alberta R.       1980
Tobey, Edgar A.        1979
Tobey, Fred R.          1966
Tugby, Maurice          1976
Van Wieringen, Don B.     1977
Visser, Durk              1993
Waak, W. Wallace      1954
Watenpaugh, Keith      1982
Wilcox, G. Grant          1959
Wilson, R. Don            1988
Wise, Dennis             1996
Yamamoto, Kiyoo       1978