Eagle Scout Photo and Video Upload


Please use the information below to upload your Eagle Scout picture and 15 second video, highlighting your experience in Scouting.

  1. Visit wetransfer.com.
  2. Click “Add your files” and upload your video and/or photo.
    • Below are helpful tips for recording your video and taking a photo.
    • Feel free to upload both or just a photo or video!
    • You don’t need to upload both at once.
  3. Fill “Email to” box with, jr@adavanza.com.
  4. Fill “Your email” box with your and an adult’s email address.
  5. Fill “Message” box with your name, troop number, and city.
    • For example “John Smith, Troop 123, Seattle”


Here are some helpful tips to taking a video and photo:

  1. Have light in front or 45-degrees angle in front of you.
  2. Do not place a window or other large light behind you.
  3. A lamp behind your head (about 45-degrees to the back) gives a nice defining hair light.
  4. Have your camera head-on and at eye level.
  5. Do not place yourself close to a wall.
    • Give yourself depth like a corner of a room.