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Wood Badge

How do I find out more?

Call or email any staff member or the course director for your course, or email

You will get a phone call or email from one of the staff members on the course. This person will be looking for questions to answer and possibly have some questions for you.

Am I really signed up?

You should have received email confirmation when you registered. If you don't get it, call or email the course director or email

When should I pay the rest of the registration fee?

Pay the full amount no later than 60 days before the first day of your course. (The course has to report how many participants are registered and fully paid.)

Pay the rest of the registration fee right away if convenient.

If you definitely are coming but can't pay the balance on time, talk with your course director.

Some units or chartered organizations will pay all or part of the fee. Also, check out the Wood Badge scholarships that are available! For example:

VFW Wood Badge scholarship

AFL-CIO Wood Badge scholarship

What should I do NOW?

If you are not registered with Boy Scouts of America, register right away.

Download the medical form, get it completed, and mail it to the address we will give you. We need all three parts, regardless of your age and regardless of what you know about 72 hours. (This may mean making an appointment with your doctor or a walk-in clinic.)

Complete the training for your position. To attend Wood Badge, you need to have completed the basic training for your Scouting position. Most of this is available online through my.Scouting and your Wood Badge staff may be able to help you find anything that’s not.

You will want a uniform for Wood Badge. If you don't have one, you can borrow one, but you may find you want one of your own after the course. More information on uniforms is below.

You cannot miss any part of course

Each segment of the course builds upon what went before including the games (they aren’t just a break). Also, demonstrating the "feel" of team development is critical. That is why you cannot miss any part of the course. (If you have to be a few minutes late the first day, call the course director to see whether that can be arranged.)

What happens when I get there?

Be at camp ready to start by 7:30 a.m. (yes, in the morning) on the first day of each weekend. You just can't come late. (If this means getting up unreasonably early, you can easily arrange to come in the night before. Wood Badge is a FULL five days so you want to come rested.)

When you arrive, you check in.

The staff will get your gear to your sleeping area — but keep a daypack. Have your other gear in a backpack or suitcase or something to keep it together.

You need a daypack or something like that to carry things during the day, because you won't have a chance to go get anything. The daypack should have a sit pad, water, any medicine you will want before bedtime, rain gear, warmer clothes for the evening, flashlight and extra batteries and bulb, sunscreen, bug repellant, pen, whatever you will want. There is no pack inspection, of course, but if you want anything during the day and evening, it needs to be in that pack.

You will probably be sleeping in a three-sided cabin (called an Adirondack) or in one of the semi-permanent tents the camps use. They are pretty comfortable.

When do we leave?

You will finish about 5:00 p.m. on the last day of each weekend. Note that you are in camp the whole time from check-in on the first day of the weekend till you leave on the last day of the weekend.

Ticket (Goals for yourself to earn your beads)

The Wood Badge "ticket" is a set of goals you set for yourself. These goals will relate to your Scouting role and will support your own vision. While on course, you will learn how to write your ticket.

Do not try to write your ticket until you learn more about it on course. You should start thinking about it, though. What are some things you would like to get done in your Scouting unit?

What to bring

This is a great question to ask you Wood Badge contact!


Please wear the official adult uniform of your program: Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing (green shirt, grey pants), etc. ... Remove any unofficial insignia. Since you will be in uniform most of the day for each weekend, you might want more than one uniform, or at least more than one shirt.

We might be in activity uniforms some of the time. You might want to bring Scouting t-shirts or polo shirts for that. You will probably be able to buy a course t-shirt or polo shirt, too.

Remember that to be in uniform, you should wear not only the shirt, but also a BSA belt, uniform trousers or shorts or skirt or culottes, and uniform socks. If you wear shorts, you may wear long or short socks. If you want to wear a hat, we ask that you wear the official baseball-type hat for your program. Don't bring a neckerchief or slide, because you'll get those on course.

We ask that Venturing people wear the green uniform shirt and gray slacks or shorts.

How to get there

Allow plenty of time for traffic delays. If you are not familiar with the camp, the calendar entry for your course on includes a link, ‘Show on map,’ where you can also get personalized directions.

What does the course number mean?

Here is the national course numbering system. You do not need to know this, but some people find it interesting.

This is easiest to show with an example. Here are the course numbers for the Wood Badge courses in Chief Seattle Council in 2019:

W1-609-19-1 (spring course)
W1-609-19-2 (fall course)

The W tells you the course is in the Western Region of Boy Scouts of America.

The numeral 1 tells you the course is in Area 1 of the region. (We are in Area 1 of the Western Region of BSA.)

The 609 tells you the course is sponsored by council #609, which is Chief Seattle Council.  (Mt. Baker Council, just north of us, is #606, and Pacific Harbors Council, just south of us, is #612.)

The 19 tells you the course is in 2017. Perhaps you guessed that one.

The 1 or 2 after the year tells you the course is the first or second course in our council that year. The number is usually assigned based on the timing of the course -- the first one to be held is 1, the next is 2. Our Spring course will be 1, and the Fall course will be 2. (If we had only one course in a year, the course number would simply end with the year.)

You may see references to something like W1-609-19, without the specific -1 or -2. That is just a way to refer to either course or to both courses combined.