We anticipate opening the Scout Service Center on June 9th, and Puget Sound Scout Shop on June 15th, contingent on King County entering phase 2. Hours will be 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday. The Scout Shop will follow those hours and additionally open Saturday mornings beginning 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Lake Shores District

Committee Chair,  Andy Zaborski -, (253) 326-1698

  • Unit leaders, please provide Andy Zaborski contact information for your Recruiting Chair
  • Please contact Andy Zaborski with your recruiting questions and needs.

Joining Scouting is Easy! 

First, figure out which program is right for your family:

Cub Scouting: Boys & Girls, K to 5th grades

Boy Scouting: Boys, Ages 11 (or completed 5th grade) to age 17

Venturing: Co-ed, Ages 14 to 20 

 Recruiting Resources

The Council has fantastic recruiting resources.  Facts about Scouting, marketing research, and more. Click Here

Recruiting Tips:

  • Invite a friend - Encourage your boys to invite a friend to your next meeting and/or outing.
  • Nextdoor app - Post a notice about when and where you meet.
  • PTA newsletter - Post a notice about when and where you meet in the PTA newsletter of each school feeding into your unit.
  • Information table at your local schools, churches and synagogues.
  • Yard sign - Make a sign, similar to a realtor Open House sign, and place it outside of where you meet.  Clearly mark date and time.