Lake Shores District Advancement


Lake Shores District Advancement Chair

Jacqui Orgovan

  • Unit leaders, please provide Jacqui Orgovan with contact information for your Advancement Chair
  • Please contact Jacqui Orgovan with your advancement questions and needs.

Eagle Board Coordinator

Eagle Boards of Review are assigned to Committee members by the Eagle Application Coordinator. Send reference letters to:

Nicola Thornton, Lake Shores Eagle Board Coordinator

15731 NE 8th St., #7056

Bellevue, WA 98008 


Eagle Project Review Requests

Life Scouts may contact our Eagle Project Review Team by emailing  One of our project approvers will respond to your request for a project review based on availability.


Liz Anne Bowman425-802-3121
Jacqui Orgovan425-351-8329
Helen Young425-957-1515

Seattle Service Center (Application Submittal)

Physical address: 3120 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98114

Phone: 206-725-5200
Fax: 206-721-8985


Trail to Eagle Alpine District (2019)
By Dave Clemens

Generic Troop Handbook MAY 2017 Rev for modification by Troops
This generic Troop Handbook is intended to be used as a starter and modified by the Troop. This handbook was a Doctor of Commissioner Science thesis for Commissioner Walter Beauchamp (former Scoutmaster), and was reviewed and approved by Bruce Anderson, Council Commissioner.Life