Lake Shores Roundtables

The Lake Shores District Roundtable meets the 2nd Thursday of each month. This is the place for leaders at all levels to find out what is going on in the district and to get ideas to help your units. There is a opening for all and then breakout rooms for different programs. Currently these meetings are virtual on Zoom. Links for each month will be posted here.

Our District Roundtables are a great way to connect with local scouting leaders.  Ask questions, get answers.  Hear updates and info about what is going on in our district, council and more. Come see what we got cooking! Have a hand in helping to shape what our roundtables look like in the coming year too!  Here is what is on the agenda for this month!


We heard you!  For December and January, we are really making this YOUR time.  You said that you wanted to have some more time for Q&A discussion and not necessarily have a set topic for the breakouts.  For these next two months we are going to do just that!  Our roundtable staff will help facilitate the group discussion on questions that YOU want to get answers to.  Bring your questions/topics!  The group will quickly vote to prioritize them, and we will go from there.  This was a HUGE hit in December.


YES, you read that right!  A VIRTUAL Roundtable!  A video conference call using Zoom!  You can join in from the comfort of your home this month!  But we have a limit of 100 lines to join the call so don’t join too late!

New to Zoom?

Here is how you do it!


Option1: PREFERRED — If you have a computer with a camera and integrated audio (most new laptops come with this nowadays), just click on the link below.  That is the best way to join the meeting.  (Direct cable connect is best but Wi-Fi will work too if you have a strong connection.)

Option 2: If you don’t have a camera or integrated microphone on your computer, you can still click on the link below so you can see what is presented and when you are prompted for audio, choose the option to call one of numbers provided.

Option 3: You can always just call in using one of the numbers below but you will miss out on the full video experience.