Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

As soon as you have an Eagle Service Project concept in mind, be sure to download and save the Eagle Service Project Workbook. Be sure to follow the specific direction for downloading and saving the Workbook to take advantage of the expandable text and image boxes.

You MUST use the workbook from this link. A random internet search often returns very old copies of the workbook. Project proposals using older copies will not be approved by the district.

Note: These PDF files are ONLY usable with the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download). The file will usually NOT open correctly in a browser window or using other PDF readers.

Eagle Project Coach

Your unit may have a formal Eagle Project Coach but if not, no worries. Any of your unit leaders can help you get from choosing a project concept all the way to completion. 

Requesting District Approval

After you have completed the Proposal section of the workbook, signed the Candidate’s Promise, and obtained approval signatures from your unit leader, unit committee member, and a representative of the project beneficiary, it’s time to reach out to your District Eagle Project Approval representative(s). The District Representative will meet with you to discuss and approve your project if it meets all of the requirements of an Eagle Scout Service Project.

You MUST have District approval before starting ANY part of your actual project.

Getting your Project Proposal Approved

Northern Trails District Troops

Contact either representative to setup up a review meeting, either in-person or online. Please email your project workbook to your reviewer before the meeting, including copies of all signature pages.

Mike Ocheltree 
(206) 618-3024

John Spear 
(425) 443-2442 

Lake Shores District Troops

Eagle Scout Project Review Team

Please put your name, troop # and project name in the subject line and cc: at least one adult (a parent, your unit leader, etc.). A member of our Eagle Scout Project Review Team will respond to your request based on availability. Please submit your review request at least 30 days before you intend to begin work on your project.


  • Always arrive in uniform for any Eagle related meetings
    • Eagle Project reviews
    • Eagle Application reviews
  • Council Service Center information
    • Phone: 206-725-5200
    • Address: 3120 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98114
  • Guidelines for age-appropriate tool use during your service project

Other useful documents