Mt Tahoma Christmas Tree Collection – Jan 8th 2022

Mt Tahoma Cgristmas Tree

Location: Service Club Ballfields (East Kent)                        Map LINK: 14608 SE 288th St, Kent, WA 98042 

Date:  January 8nd, 2022 (Sat.)                                                  Time: 9am to 2pm

District Contact: Todd Daniels; Scoutmaster T406  

Cell: 206 786 3565               


Covid19 Protocol: All Units should conduct their Tree Recycle Event following BSA’s “Restart Scouting Checklist”


  • Social Distancing is maintained at all times.
  • All Scouts and Adults should be screened beforehand to ensure that they are symptom free.
    • Note: BSA’s Model COVID-19 Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist

LINK:  680-057.pdf ( 

  • All participants must be wearing a mask
  • Do not interact in close proximity with anyone outside of your immediate Unit group … particularly City Staff & those Scouts/ Adults directing traffic
  1. This “FREE” Chipping Service is being provided by the City of Kent
    1. Mount Tahoma District Scouting Units Only!!
    2. All Scout Units Recycling at Service Club Ballfields MUST Pre-Register
      1. Provide a Key Unit Contact for the Day of Recycle Event (Jan. 2nd)
    3. Kent Residents that drop trees at Service Club Ballfields must follow directions of Staff
  2. All Units will Enter and Exit from SE 288th
  3. Follow the directions of the Staff at Service Club Ballfields at all times
  4. All units must Check-in and Checkout with the Staff
  5. All Units must unload & neatly stack their trees in assigned area as directed
    1. Staff CANNOT assist you with unloading due to Covid19 Safety Precautions
  6. No Flocked Trees, Trees w/ lights, Garland, or Wreaths; No attached Tree Stands

On Site Scout Staff Safety Protocol

  • Scout Staff will be in Hi-Vis Vests
  • All Scout Staff will be masked
    • Staff will have extra masks available
  • Drop Off Areas will be marked
  • All Units will be Checked In as they enter from SE 288th
    • Remind Units to –
      • Wear Masks
      • Maintain Social Distancing
      • Do Not Interact with City Staff … Keep City Staff Covid19 Safe!
      • Direct Units to drop off area
    • Supervising Drop Off of Trees
      • Masks for everyone … If units do not have masks offer masks to them
      • All Units to Unload & Neatly Stack their trees in the assigned area
      • Remind Units that trees may be dropped off up to 2pm
      • Personally maintain your (Staff) Social Distancing
    • Kent Residents & Scout Staff
      • Direct to a separate drop off area from Scout Units

We have a NEW District Map on Google showing all the Tree Areas as we currently have information.  The interactive map has each of our Tree Areas highlighted, whether covered by units or that are Open.  You may select you Unit Area(s) and the map will take you to that area so you may see it.  The map is locked for changes so we can maintain control.  All changes must be submitted, and we will then make the changes. 

Contact Bill Burris at