Northern Trails Eagle rank application process

Use the most recent version of the Eagle Rank Application. Be sure to follow the fillable .pdf instructions so the Council Registrar and members of your Board of Review can read your application. DO NOT do a random internet search to find the application form. There are many very old copies on the Internet. Project proposals and applications using older versions of the form will not be approved by the District.

Note: The PDF file requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file often does not open correctly in a browser window or with other PDF readers.

Scoutbook will also prefill most of the information on your application. Directions for using Scoutbook with the Eagle Application can be found here.

After you have completed Requirements 1-6, you will need to work with either of the Northern Trails District Eagle Coordinators to file your Completed and Approved Eagle Application. Ensure you have the Candidate, Unit Leader, Unit Committee, and Beneficiary approval signatures in place before setting up a meeting with an Eagle Coordinator.

Bret Ahlstrom 
(206) 459-9806 

Patty Spear 
(425) 443-9662

The Northern Trails District Confidential Letter of Recommendation Form should be sent to the References you listed on your Eagle Application, as well as any other people you would like to receive a reference from.  Any reference letters received will be shared only with members of your Board or Review.

After meeting with the District Eagle Coordinator, your application will be forwarded to the Chief Seattle Council registrar for Certification. After Certification the Registrar will notify the District Eagle Coordinator, who will arrange your Board or Review. The Eagle candidate, Parent/Guardian, Unit Leader, and Committee chair will be copied on the notification email. Be certain to check your spam folder regularly, once your Eagle Application is submitted.

After a successful Board of Review the Chairperson of your Board will physically or electronically sign approval on your Eagle Application and your Application is again filed with the Chief Seattle Council Service Center for forwarding to the National Council Board of Review for ratification. 

It takes approximately 3-5 weeks from filing your Eagle Application after your Board of Review to receive your Eagle Certificate, Medal and Badge. You may request expedited handling. You will be given a form to fill out requiring a credit card. The National Council charges $75 to expedite; the council charges nothing. Your certificate arrives at the Council Service Center in about  7 business days after National Council ratification. Certificates, Medals and Badges are are normally available at the Council service center for pick up. We will notify the Eagle Candidate, Unit Leader and Committee Chair when they are available.  During COVID-19 these may be mailed directly to the Eagle Candidate. 


  • Type you Application so it can be read.
  • Use Scoutbook to pre-fill your application with information already in Scoutbook.
  • Your name as written on the application will be how your name appears on your Eagle Certificate.   
  • Do not send your Eagle Workbook or Reference Letters to the Council Service Center. Work with your Northern Trails District Advancement Eagle Coordinator to ensure a smooth process.  
  • As part of your complete Eagle Application, you must include your Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose.