All Scouts should learn the values of goal setting, hard work, money management, public speaking, and responsibility. The popcorn sale is the perfect opportunity to teach these valuable life lessons and fund the most exciting year of Scouting!

Scouts will gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment, while leaders and parents/guardians will see personal growth in their Scouts and kids.

The original Scout fundraiser, the popcorn sale, has sent Scouts to camp for decades. In 2022, the average commission payout to a Scout group was $9,351 and $917 a Scout! What could your group fund and do with that money?

If your group is considering selling popcorn for the first time, our staff is available to meet with you one-on-one. We’ll answer any questions you have.

Important Dates for 2023

  • Spring training and popcorn roundtables starting in May 2023.
    • Dates to be announced in late April.
  • Online – Year round
  • Take Orders – start August 1st
  • Site Sales– start August 14th
  • Unit Order/Pick Up – August, September, & November
  • Units can start and end their sale at any time
  • All Sales End – October 29th
  • Unit Close Out – December 15th

Trail’s End will be managing Chief Seattle Council’s Site Sales through their website and app.


*Kitsap District sites will be managed separately. 

Be sure to mark your calendar with these important dates!

The popcorn sale will start in August and run through November.

Popcorn Distribution

Chief Seattle Council will be offering four distribution dates. One in August, September, October, & November.

Leaders can find all the information they need to know for a successful popcorn sale in the leader guide.

Trail’s End and Chief Seattle Council offer popcorn prizes. The higher the goal, the bigger the prize!

Units, families, and Scouts can offer their own prizes too!

Ways to Sell

Scouts can sell popcorn in three ways (all count towards prizes):

  1. Sell Online
  2. Take Order (take order form)
  3. Show & Sell (store, wagon, etc.)

Attend a virtual training, meet with other leaders and get your questions answered.

If this isn’t your first popcorn sale, you can view the training slide deck and recording. 

Scout & Parent Tools

Scouts and parents can find all the tools and resources to help them have a successful popcorn sale.

*Printable materials can be found here.

The council, Units, and families will continue to rely on the use of the Trail’s End app.

The app provides free credit card processing, sale record keeping, prize management, site sale scheduling, and more!