Program & Training Conference
Saturday, October 19, 2019

The classes listed on this page are for the 2018 conference.  The 2019 class list will be posted in April.

Here's a list of what's new at the 2018 Program & Training Conference. See this page for a list of all classes.


113 New! Bear Carnival (Bear Rank Adventure) — Fun events, creative ideas, planning tips and tricks, how to have the scouts lead the way, etc.. (1 hour, session 1)
124 New! Bicycle Touring, Local to International — Learn how to help your Scouts plan, prepare, and lead a high adventure bicycle tour. We’ll cover route planning, gear, preparation, and logistics. Think Olympic Peninsula to Switzerland. (2 hours, sessions 1 – 2)
312 New! Cub Scout Nova Awards — Come explore ideas for activities your den and pack can use to help the Cub Scouts earn these exciting Awards. (1 hour, session 3)
315 New! Scouting for LDS Families, 2020 and Beyond — This class will focus on starting LDS cultural units (units built of LDS families). We will share the pattern of Pack 501 in Foothills, which is a LDS cultural Pack that has been doing Tiger and Lions for LDS families. It will help LDS families understand why a LDS cultural unit may be needed, how the traditional program will be different from what they are doing in their ward, what the council is doing to support them, and a recommended timeline to help transition Cub Scouts and Scouts. We will also cover the option of starting Troops and dens for LDS girls. (2 hours, sessions 3 – 4)
317 New! Growing Scouts into Leaders — Just as we don’t teach swimming by throwing a Scout off the end of the pier, but by building the skills needed; we have to teach leadership skills. Learn how to set the Scouts up for success by coaching and mentoring them in their leadership roles. (1 hour, session 3)
324 New! Introduction to International Scouting — For almost as long as there has been Scouting, it has been international. Learn about some of the opportunities International Scouting offers our own Scouts. (1 hour, session 3)
327 New! Running a Successful Crew Meeting (for Venturing YOUTH) — Learn about balancing business with fun at your meetings, and get ideas for opening ceremonies and activities. (1 hour, session 3)
328 New! Conflict Management (for Venturing YOUTH) — Even the most effective communicators experience conflict. This class will examine some common pitfalls, and practice ways to avoid them. (1 hour, session 3)
411 New! Making Cub Scouts Welcome — The New Member Coordinator is another Cub Scout parent who helps keep new families informed about what is happening in the den and pack, and feels more approachable and less intimidating to new parents than a uniformed leader might, not just right after new Cub Scout join, but for as long as they are needed. (1 hour, session 4)
413 New! Girls in Cub Scouts — Come learn the latest information on Family Scouting from the national office and how Packs are making this exciting new program work. (1 hour, session 4)
417 New! Mountaineering — Learn about Scout Mountaineering - climbing the Cascade Volcanoes. (1 hour, session 4)
420 New! The Troop’s New Member Coordinator — More youth drop out in the first 3 months after joining a troop than at any other time. The New Member Coordinator is another Scout parent who helps keep new Scouts and their families informed about what is happening in the troop and makes them feel welcome, not just right after the new Scout joins  but for as long as they are needed. This person may feel more approachable and less intimidating to new parents than uniformed leaders might. (1 hour, session 4)
506 New! Working with Youth Leaders - for Venturing Leaders — It can be hard to step back as an adult leader and allow the chaos often associated with Youth Leadership. This class examines how to identify your Youth Leaders' strengths so that you can help them reach their full potential. This class will examine the difference between coaching and mentoring, and will discuss effective ways to communicate with teens (1 hour, session 5)
512 New! Cub Crafts — Cub Scouts enjoy creating. Get ideas involving crafts and wood-working you can use as you help your Cub Scouts advance. (1 hour, session 5)
513 New! Cub Scout Derbies — A Cub Scout Derby can be a highly competitive Pinewood race, or you may want something more low key. A derby can be a summertime event where every Cub Scout puts together races a boat on the spot, or a recruiting event where every child gets to race a ‘space ship’ down a line. Come gather and share ideas. (1 hour, session 5)
515 New! What About Teenage GIRLS? — During the teen years girls mature faster than boys, but what does that mean in a Scout unit? We’ll try to help both adult Scouters and any youth understand what is behind girl behavior and to help them take that into consideration when planning the teaching and guidance of youth, in Cub Packs or Scouts BSA Troops. (1 hour, session 5)
520 New! What Makes a Good Troop Meeting? — Review the structure of a troop meeting and what can be done to make Scouts glad to be there. (1 hour, session 5)
525 New! How Troops Successfully Grow — How do units create a culture of successful and growing units? What they do, why they do it. Listen to what successful troops have done, and share concerns and ideas. (1 hour, session 5)
526 New! Public Speaking (for Venturing YOUTH) — Improve your public speaking skills: 1 hour of tips and tricks, followed by 1 hour of practice. (2 hours, sessions 5 – 6)
527 New! Working with Adult Leaders (or Let Me Get Your Coffee!) (for Venturing YOUTH) — Ever wonder why Adults are so demanding? This class will let you see inside their heads, and help you to understand why they act the way they do. This 'tongue in cheek' class will look at the different ways youth and adults communicate, and how that can lead to misunderstandings or frustration. We will consider the generational characteristics of each group to see how we can leverage those to make effective leadership teams. (1 hour, session 5)
529 New! Commissioners Serving Family Scouting — Learn the tools and tips you need to better serve our units that have embraces family scouting. (1 hour, session 5)
606 New! Venturing Roundtable — Come and meet with other Venturing Leaders from all over Council for this facilitated discussion. Network, get new ideas, brainstorm solutions to challenges and discuss best practice. Participants will have a chance to submit topics for discussion prior to class. (1 hour, session 6)
615 New! Troops for Girls — What you need to know to be ready for girls crossing over from Cub Scouts and bringing their friends into Troops this year. We’ll talk about the latest coming out of the national office on Family Scouting and discuss concerns and ideas about how to make these new Troops succeed (1 hour, session 6)
627 New! What is VOA? — VOA (Venturing Officers Association): You've heard about VOA, but what does it do? Come meet the officers for a fun, informative insight. (1 hour, session 6)

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