Program & Training Conference
Saturday, October 20, 2018

The 2018 Program & Training Conference class list will be published in May 2018.  The information below is for the 2017 PTC.

Here's a list of what's new at the 2017 Program & Training Conference. See this page for a list of all classes.


105 New! How to Integrate Older Boys Into Your LDS Troop — Learn how to retain older LDS youth in your Troop once they no longer have a Team or a Crew, without taking opportunities away from the younger Scouts. (2 hours, sessions 1 – 2)
115 New! Planning an Engaging Cub Scout Program — Come and learn how to plan and budget a compelling and engaging year of Cub Scouting. (1 hour, session 1)
123 New! Cooking and Menus for Special Dietary Needs — Learn how to prepare delicious meals the entire group can enjoy. This course will define a variety of special diets and food allergies, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan. We will cover safety precautions for food allergies, as well as simple substitutions. Sample menus will be presented for campouts and backpacking. (1 hour, session 1)
126 New! Project Management Training (for Venturing Youth) — Learn how to plan and safely execute a project that achieves your objectives and gets the job done on time and in budget. This is a required class for the Pathfinder Award. (2 hours, sessions 1 – 2)
129 New! Districts and Commissioners — Learn how to use the resources available to the commissioners that can assist in identifying strengths and bring improvements to weaknesses found in the district. (1 hour, session 1)
131 New! Radio Room (Jamboree on the Air, sign up for any session) — Come visit the JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) Radio Room. There will be several activities you can sample during the hour. (1 hour, session 1)
217 Revised! Building a Successful Cub Scout Recruitment Plan — Learn all about today’s parents, “the Millennials,” and how Scouting can fit into their family goals. Explore the use of social media and experience-oriented Scouting events to give an unparalleled experience to new and current Cub Scout families. (1 hour, session 2)
225 New! Roadmap to a Stronger Crew — Ensure your Venturing Crew is strong and thriving for years to come. Learn strategies for parent volunteer recruitment, planning, and how to leave a legacy for your next unit leaders. (1 hour, session 2)
305 New! Options for the Older LDS Youth — With the anticipated changes in the LDS program for the older Scouts, come learn about possibilities available for your youth. (There may be some overlap with Class 105.) (1 hour, session 3)
317 New! Fundraising - Great Ideas Panel — Come get fundraising ideas and answers from a panel of successful Scouting fundraisers. (1 hour, session 3)
321 New! Integrating STEM into Scouting Programs — Our area is a hotbed of Science and Engineering. Learn techniques to integrate STEM into your program to take advantage of local resource and attract new youth. (1 hour, session 3)
329 New! LGBTQ Resources for Leaders — Learn about resources available to Scout Leaders serving LGTBQ youth and their families. Includes a discussion of recent BSA policy changes. (1 hour, session 3)
330 New! Electronic Kit Building (Jamboree on the Air) — Come learn a bit about electronics and build a kit. This is not the electronics merit badge. We cover it a different day. See for more info. (1 hour, session 3)
419 Revised! Scoutbook for Boy Scout Troops — Scoutbook delivers a suite of easy-to-use Web-based tools that are helpful to both Scouts and unit leaders. It enables units to better communicate, update records, and manage activities. It can also be integrated with our membership system, simplifying the way our members can track their advancement throughout Scouting. As Scouters, unit leaders, and volunteers, you will now have mobile access to what’s happening across our organization and will be able track your Scouts’ progress in real time. (2 hours, sessions 4 – 5)
420 New! Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Scouts (2nd Class Req 9a for Youth) — This class fulfills the Second Class Requirement 9a: Participate in a school, community, or troop program on the dangers of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. (1 hour, session 4)
421 Revised! High Adventure Planning — Do you want to get your Troop or Crew “High-Adventure Ready”? This class will cover what High Adventure programming entails and offer examples of Troop sponsored activities and National High Adventure camp opportunities. (2 hours, sessions 4 – 5)
425 Return! First Aid I - Making First Aid REAL — Let's face it, First Aid merit badge training mostly focuses on simple skills like how to splint an arm or put on moleskin. Come learn techniques you can use to take your Scouts to a new level by actually teaching them how to handle emergencies. Leave with an outline, scenario descriptions, and supporting materials you can use to plan and conduct a First Aid 'disaster training' that will become your Scouts' favorite event. Attendees are encouraged to take 524 (Bloody First Aid Disasters Your Scouts will Love). (1 hour, session 4)
426 New! Using Arduino Kits for Electronic and Programming Merit Badges — Arduino (see is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use low cost hardware and software. Arduino boards can read inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. It’s an outstanding platform for learning about both electronics and programming. This session focusses on how to use Arduino at the core of teaching the Programming and Electronics merit badges, and focuses on available resources that Leaders with an interest in these subjects can used to effectively deliver these merit badges. (1 hour, session 4)
505 New! You’re an LDS Commissioner, Now What? — Understanding the relationship of the LDS roles and effective commissioner service in the BSA. (1 hour, session 5)
518 New! Roadmap to a Stronger Troop — Ensure your Boy Scout Troop is strong and thriving for years to come. Learn strategies for parent volunteer recruitment, planning, and how to leave a legacy for your next unit leaders. (1 hour, session 5)
525 Return! First Aid II - Bloody Disasters Your Scouts Will Love — Want to get your Scouts excited about learning how to handle First Aid Emergencies? Come learn how to use simulated accident scenarios to liven up your First Aid disaster weekend training by using moulage (makeup) techniques to simulate bloody wounds, broken bones, hypothermia, bee stings and more. We'll send you home with handouts and instructions that you can put to use in your Troop. Your Scouts will LOVE IT. Attendees are encourage to take 424 (Making First Aid REAL). (1 hour, session 5)
607 New! District Commissioner: Assisting the LDS Environment — Understanding the roles and responsibility of LDS church positions, how they relate to BSA roles, and how to better support Scouting with LDS chartered units as a District Commissioner. (1 hour, session 6)
611 New! Why NYLT? Youth Run Units! — A panel of our outstanding NYLT youth leaders will field questions and give an overview of what occurs at NYLT and the benefits of sending your current and future unit leadership teams. And if you really want to ask adults questions, adult NYLT staff will be available as well. (1 hour, session 6)
626 New! Winter Sports Safety — Learn the basics of avalanche safety, how to spot and avoid terrain hazards, and what to do when wild weather hits. Will also touch on the proper use of equipment and clothing. Great for everyone from experienced winter sports enthusiasts to beginners. (1 hour, session 6)

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