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Beyond 2020 



Questions and Answers

  • Can we be involved in both Church and Scouting activities?
    • Of course! In fact, the Tufts study found that sports and Scouting are a powerful driver of character development in young people. Additionally, the Baylor study “Merit Beyond the Badge” showed that Eagle Scouts had a greater connection to religious community.
  • Is Family Scouting available to us?
    • Yes! Scouting has always been a family activity. In fact, Cub Scouting now of­fers separate dens for girls and boys, and Scouting-age youth will have opportunities in single-gender troops.
  • Why should I continue?
    • Since the Scouting values, character and leadership training you have come to know are now available for your entire family, Scouting can continue to prepare your child to do hard things, set goals, earn the Eagle rank, prepare for a mission and serve our nation.
  • How can I help? Can I still serve?
    • You can serve as a leader, help with training, organize a new unit. And above all, remind people that the Scouting adventure continues!



June’s conclusion of the Successful Vision 2020 training course at the Philmont Training Center:

Charles Dahlquist, former BSA National Commissioner and former Young Men General President, directed the week. “It’s important that we not let down our expectations for those still desiring to continue their Scouting Adventure—now, during the transition period, as well as after December 31, 2019,” shared Brother Dahlquist. “While many youth are working to earn their Eagle before 2020, Scouting is about the experience and the growth. We want these awards to mean something to them. There are many Star and Life Scouts in the nation.  While they didn’t make it to Eagle, they still had their lives changed through Scouting.”

“As leaders of today’s Rising Generation, it is our obligation, opportunity and blessing to continue to provide a marvelous, fun and adventure-packed, character-building experience for ALL youth—those who are working to complete their Eagle before the end of the year and those who just want a fun, adventuresome program.  That is the guidance all leaders have received from the Brethren, and we need to be aware of the need to continue to feed and strengthen the youth during this critical transition time. If we do not, we will be responsible for those youth who not only left the program, but who became inactive during our period of ‘waiting for further direction.’” 

“We need to stay fully engaged during this transition period; and, in addition, BSA is committed to providing sufficient community units for those currently in Latter-day Saint units who desire to continue their Scouting experience after the end of 2019. ”


Brother Dahlquist counseled, “If one little bee can pollinate a field, imagine what our efforts can do! As we anticipate the introduction of this new worldwide Church initiative for children and youth, we fully support the Brethren and especially our beloved Prophet in this movement.  Scouting teaches that a Scout should do his duty to God—and that means being active in his denomination’s youth program—whether that be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim or Latter-day Saint.  And in the face of that new program, I feel certain that each of us and thousands of parents and Scouts will recognize that the Church initiative is not a program in competition with Scouting. There will be room for both for those who wish to continue their Scouting Adventure.”

Brother Dahlquist concluded with a three-part challenge. “It is our responsibility and blessing to ensure that current Scouts (and their families) understand their opportunity to continue their Scouting experience, that those youth AND THEIR SISTERS are invited to continue Scouting after 2019, and that there are sufficient units for those youth.”

“Our leaders have reassured us over the decades that Baden-Powell was inspired as he began the Scouting Movement—a fact that we know to be true,” he said. “That movement continues today to bless the lives of our youth across the world, including many Latter-day Saints who desire to continue Scouting after the end of the year.  Never in the history of this country have we needed Scouting more than we need it now – to help our youth learn vital life skills, develop character values, learn to do hard things and, in a word, to be prepared – for Life!   The work of strengthening the youth of the rising generation is ours – and my closing message is that we’re not alone.” 

Paraphrasing the patriot Patrick Henry he shared, “There is a just God who presides over the destiny of nations who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.”  As we move forward to ensure appropriate communication to Scouting families and the founding of new Scouting units, may the God of Heaven bless our efforts and may He bless the Rising Generation, their families and their noble and dedicated leaders.”