Jim Eichner, who works with a local Episcopal Church, is also working with Hopelink on a number of projects which might be suitable for Eagle Scout projects.
One involves the building of a second barrel washer for Oxbow Farm, which is a non-profit, and gives thousands of pounds of produce to Hopelink each year.
There are possibilities to do similar projects (or one really big won) for up to a dozen farms in the Snoqualmie River valley, making additional produce available for HopeLink Harvest.
These barrel washers would mean a leap on the order of tons of root crop vegetables making it to the food bank rather than rotting in the field. The barrel washers would be owned by either Food Bank Farm or Hopelink, and on long term loan to these farms.
Another project would involve building a small cooler on a trailer at Food Bank Farm, using a “cool-bot” and a window AC unit for the refrigeration. This will help Hopelink “chill and crisp” produce on site before it gets picked up for the warehouse in Kirkland. It means they will have greater access to more fragile fresh produce like salad greens. 
If you have scouts who might want to follow up for further details, please contact Jim Eichner at 425-223-7249.