Cub Scouting From a Distance

To Mask or Not to Mask

Deciding whether your pack should require everyone to wear masks or allow fully vaccinated participants to go maskless can be difficult.  Here are some questions difficult and stressful.  Here are some things to consider that might help you when making that decision:

State and National Guidelines

Washington currently has a mask policy stating that masks must be worn in all indoor public areas.  Masks are encouraged in crowded outdoor areas, but not required.  Please make sure to keep up to date with any changes to this policy.   

Your Meeting Space

Does your pack meet in a school?  At a church? In a park? 

It is important to check with the organization that owns the property where you meet to see if they have their own requirements

Your Scouts

If your unvaccinated scouts see adults without masks on, will they be more likely to take their masks off? 

How will you communicate to the unvaccinated scouts that they still need to wear masks?

Your Families

Are most of the families comfortable with vaccinated people going maskless?  If you don’t require masks, are there families that won’t be comfortable attending in person meetings?

Don’t assume you know the answer, make sure to reach out to the families in your pack and get their input.


Vaccines will be essential in helping us safely put the outing back in scouting.  And now that the vaccine is approved for those 12 and older, many of our scouts can get vaccinated as well! Here are some places you can go to book an appointment, and some where you don’t even need an appointment, you can walk right in:

Safe In Person Activities

Camp Halloween- October

COVID 19 Guidelines

As of June 30th, all of Washington is now fully open, and COVID restrictions have been lifted.  The state mask guidance is still in place (see above).

National BSA COVID 19 FAQ
What Phase are You in?
Outdoor Recreation Requirements
Phase Guidelines Overview

In Person Activity Requirements by Phase (Detailed)

*These links are managed by the national BSA and Washington state public health agencies and are subject to change

Live Virtual Activities

Virtual Nova Awards: Ash Hennessey of the Aurora District is hosting virtual NOVA awards to scouts Wolf rank and up on the second Friday of each month from 6-7 pm.

Pre-Recorded Virtual Activities

National BSA Scouting At Home for Cub Scouts

Virtual Den Leader Guides

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