Program and Training Conference (PTC)

Chief Seattle Council’s VIRTUAL Program & Training Conference is an area-wide, one stop training opportunity for leaders (including Den Chiefs and parents from the entire council). The all-day conference will feature many outstanding opportunities for both position specific and supplemental training for Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, and Sea Scout Ships, as well as district and council volunteers.

All things considered, Program and Training Conference is going to be Virtual for another year. We listened to what went well last year and what did not! And decided to use Zoom this time. It will allow better interaction between participants and instructors and most of us are familiar with it, and it can be done safely and comfortably from home. 

Wilderness & Remote First Aid will remain face-to-face at Camp Schoenwald in Burien, but a smaller group than in the past. 

Date:  Saturday, October 23, 2021
Cost:  $20.00 
Wilderness & Remote First Aid: $75
PTC patch 2021

Plan your day at PTC

Get the classes you need for your unit, as well as important sessions topical with the times.  Enrich your Scouting program and have fun at the same time, all from the comfort and safety of your own home!

  • Print the 2021 Schedule Grid from Downloads (below) so you can mark your choices.
  • After reading the descriptions in the 2021 PTC Brochure, make your class choices. Some classes are more than one session so you need to leave room in your schedule for all sessions. Need help with your choices? 2021 PTC Schedule Suggestions.

Get credit for your training

Credit class titles are in BOLD in both the 2021 PTC Schedule Grid (Download below) and the 2021 PTC Brochure.

  • Make sure you and your name can be seen. (Name: for adults use first and last, for youth use first and initial (no last name).
  • Don’t try to multi-task during class, stay engaged.
  • Answer any survey questions asked during the class.
  • Turn in your feedback survey at the end of the day.

All of these help us identify who is in a class, one of our big challenges in 2020.


Download all

PTC 2021


511 Outdoor Ethics Orientation - Note Pages

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2021 PTC Brochure

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2021 PTC Flier

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2021 PTC Schedule Grid

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2021 PTC Schedule Suggestions

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Class materials from previous Program and Training Conferences can be found at: