Program and Training Conference (PTC)

Mark your calendar: Saturday, October 23, 2021! 

Your Program and Training Conference committee has already started work on another great training day. 

From PTC 2020:

The Program & Training Conference will STILL be an area-wide, one stop training opportunity for leaders and parents from the entire council. You can STILL get the classes you need for your Unit, as well as some important sessions on what is topical with the times, and lots of fun classes to enrich your Scouting program. But for 2020 it will be from the comfort and safety of your own home!

For our Virtual Program & Training Conference, we have opted to use the online vendor Accelevents.  The feel will be similar to the Zoom meetings you are familiar with but Accelevents offered some practical solutions for putting on the type of event that the Program & Training Conference is.

Accelevents is a flexible format that supports the Program & Training Conference in its presentations and operations. 

Many of the favorite sessions you may be familiar with are still with us, classes designed to help you become trained for your Scouting position, and we have beefed up others, enhancing what is taught. And, true to form, we added a few new classes to the agenda.

You will still be able to enjoy the Virtual Midway in our Exhibition Hall.  Likewise, we added virtual forums for our lunch times. You will want to have your lunches prepped and ready for you when you chat with experts on the various topics available.

Registration is Online and the class grid can be accessed through the links below. Start browsing and deciding what classes you want to attend.

Go and check it out!  We’re ALWAYS creating a better Scouting program for the youth we serve.

LOCATION: YOUR OWN HOME! REGISTRATION: $15 (early bird rate, rate goes up to $20 on the morning of October 12th).

Materials from the
2020 Program and Training Conference (PTC 2020)
can be found on our archive at: