Safety Moments

Safety Moments are opportunities to reinforce that the safety of Scouts and Scouters in the Boy Scouts of America is the top priority. A Safety Moment focuses the unit, volunteers, or staff on safety and how to achieve it.
Who can deliver a Safety Moment? 

Everyone can deliver Safety Moments in Scouting. Any adult leader, Scout, or employee can step up with little preparation to make a SAFE difference to everyone participating.

What makes an excellent Safety Moment topic?

Any topic that focuses on improving the safety of Scouting. The BSA regularly publishes Safety Moments on a variety of topics. Other topics could include the use of the SAFE Checklist or the Guide to Safe Scouting. They could be general safety topics on locating a fire extinguisher or knowing evacuation routes. Pick a topic that is relevant to all participants. If you have accurate information on injuries or incidents during a recent outing, share your experience.

When and where should a Safety Moment be delivered?

Safety Moments are best used at the beginning of meetings or before a Scouting activity. They are essential in activities with a high-risk profile, like ATV programs or shooting sports.

How should the Safety Moment be delivered?

Safety Moments are on a clear and concise single topic, optimally no more than 2 minutes. All Safety Moments need to be fact-based and age-appropriate for the audience. If you have time, provide a demonstration of safe practices

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