Eagle Rank Application

Use the most recent version of the Eagle Scout Rank Application. Be sure to follow the fillable .pdf instructions so the Council Registrar and members of your Board of Review can read your application. 

Scoutbook will also prefill most of the information on your application. More info: Eagle Scout Rank Application from Scoutbook (SB)

After you have completed Requirements 1-6, please contact your Chief Seattle Council District or Territory Eagle Coordinator for the full process and instructions to submit your application to the Council. Your District or Territory Eagle Coordinator will help ensure your application moves through the process smoothly. The Territory Service Areas page has links to each territory page, where you will find links to Advancement or Eagle resources and specific contact information.

The Chief Seattle Council Confidential Letter of Recommendation Form should be sent to the References you listed on your Eagle Application.  A custom version of this form for your District or Territory can be found on the Advancement or Eagle resources pages for your Territory. Please visit the Territory Service Areas page to find your Territories specific information.

Upon submission to the Council, your application will be Certified after verifying all of your advancements have been properly recorded. After Certification, your District or Territory Advancement Committee Eagle Coordinator will contact you and your unit Committee to arrange the Eagle Board of Review. 

After a successful Board of Review, the Chairperson of your Board will physically or electronically sign your Eagle Application, and your Application is forwarded to the Council.

It takes approximately 3-5 weeks from filing your Eagle Application after your Board of Review to receive your Eagle Certificate, Medal, and Badge. You may request expedited handling. You will be given a form to fill out requiring a credit card. The National Council charges $75 to expedite; the council charges nothing. An expedited submission returns your certificate in about 7 business days. Certificates, Medals, and Badges are normally available at the Council service center for pick up. We will notify the Eagle Candidate, Unit Leader, and Committee Chair when the items are available for pickup. 


  • Type your Application so it can be read.
  • Use Scoutbook to pre-fill your application information already in Scoutbook.
  • Your name as it appears on the application will be how your name appears on your Eagle Certificate.