Webelos Camp at Camp Pigott

As Webelos near the end of the Cub Scout trail, it’s time for them to embrace that pledge and prepare for the next leg of the journey with Scouts BSA.  Participate in the Scouts BSA summer camp experience at Webelos Camp at Camp Pigott!

This four-day program takes place at Camp Pigott so that Webelos can get a glimpse into what a Scouts BSA camp is like. With a focus to expose campers to the Scout BSA program, we will be offering activities like Climbing our 50-foot tower, blacksmithing demonstrations, and even participating in our camp-wide activities like Charlie’s Challenge and the Rendezvous Run!  Advancements will be incorporated into the program as well.

Webelos can register with a parent or a chaperoned group from their pack or den.
Weblelos Camp

July 25-28, 2024
Location: Camp Pigott, 24225 Woods Creek Road, Snohomish, WA
Cost: $330 per Scout (*Camperships may be available); $225 per Adult

For more information contact the Camping Department at campingdept@seattlebsa.org