Seattle Mariners Scout Luncheon 2024

The Mariners Scout Luncheon is Chief Seattle Council’s annual fundraising event. Scout alumni, donors, and Scout parents are all welcome to attend. This event provides an opportunity to support Scouting’s mission of providing character and leadership development programs for youth. 

Donations support over 10,000 boys and girls in 15 counties across Washington state including nearly 1000 underserved youth in the Scoutreach program.

During the program Chief Seattle Council will recognize Sally Jewell with the Pillar of Puget Sound Award, highlighting her impact in the Puget Sound region and beyond. The program will also highlight Scoutreach programming and representatives from the Seattle Mariners and the Moose will share their experiences working with the team and take questions from the audience.

About the Pillar of Puget Sound Award

The Pillar of Puget Sound Award recognizes those with extraordinary and truly noteworthy service to the Puget Sound community. Past award recipients including Jack Creighton, Jeff and Tricia Raikes, Phil Condit, Charles Pigott, Gov. Dan Evans, William Gates Sr, Wayne Perry, Dr. Robert Gates, Michael Garvey, Scott Oki, Howard Lincoln, Phil Smart, Gov. Gary Locke, and R. Miller Adams.

Date: Friday, January 26th, 2024 @ 12:00PM
Location: Sheraton Grand Seattle
There is no cost to attend, but donations are encouraged

Scouting by the Numbers 2022!

2022 Advancement Numbers
250 – Eagle Scouts
37,500 – Volunteer hours through Eagle Scout projects
3,000 – Cub Scout rank advancements
2,400 – Scout BSA rank advancements
100 – Other advancements (Sea Scouts, Venturing, etc.)
11,000 – Merit Badges earned
16,500 – Total advancements earned

2022 Membership Numbers
5,000 – Cub Scout members
4,000 – Scout BSA
1,000 – Other
10,000 – Total youth membership

2022 Camping Numbers
1,800 – Camp Parsons (2,400 already for 2023!)
1000 – Camp Edward
600 – Camp Pigott
800 – Camp Sheppard
550 – Camp Halloween
400 – Day Camp
400 – Other
Over 5,000 – Total youth attended council camp

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2024 Mariners Scout Luncheon Sponsor Info

Dan Gelis
Council Office: 206-725-5200

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