Volunteer Hours Match Program

Thank you volunteers! When you utilize your employer’s “Volunteer Hours Match Program” you are helping to keep Scouting strong in our communities. Chief Seattle Council, and the 10,000 youth it serves, are grateful for our local businesses, and our volunteers who work together to provide important funding through this program.

Chief Seattle Council recognizes volunteers who submit matching hours to their employer. When a unit has submitted a combined total of 25 hours, Chief Seattle Council will recognize the unit with $50 in Unit Account Credits.

Unit Account Credits can be used to pay for:

  • Council Trading Post purchases
  • Camps Pigott, Parsons, Edward, and Sheppard
  • Day camps
  • Chief Seattle Council training events
  • Council Territory events [All events with Tentaroo Registration]
  • [NOTE: Units also have a Membership Registration escrow account with Chief Seattle Council that is only used to pay registration costs. It is separate from this program.]
There are many local companies who offer a volunteer service hour program including Boeing, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Adobe, and Alaska Airlines. To find out if your employer participates in this program, use the search bar below:
Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant information provided by
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Each company sets their own rules regarding their program. For this reason, Chief Seattle Council may not know the specific rules or criteria for your employer. We encourage you to search for your employer above. All hours must be submitted through your employer first. Chief Seattle Council cannot facilitate the initial submission of hours.

Thank you! Your participation in this unique program makes a difference in the lives of young people in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a unit qualify for this program?
The unit must have a volunteer who works for a company which offers a volunteer hour match donation program, which pays a minimum of $10 per hour donated. Check with your human resources manager or use the search tool above to find out if your company offers a volunteer service hour match program. Once a unit reaches 25 cumulative hours submitted for matching donations, they qualify for Unit Account Credits.

If there are two volunteers in my unit who work for different companies, does each one need to donate 25 hours?
No. We look at the combined total of hours donated for a unit.

Do I need to submit 25 hours at once, or can I make several smaller submissions to get up to 25?
Chief Seattle Council encourages volunteers to submit hours monthly. Volunteers can make multiple submissions through their employer, and they do not have to be 25-hours each time. Once a unit’s cumulative hours reach the 25-hour threshold, your unit will receive a $50 Unit Account Credit.

When will my unit receive Unit Account Credits?
Credits are issued monthly. We can only issue credits for volunteer hours we’ve already received payment for, which is typically 30-45 days after you’ve submitted your hours with your employer.

Do Unit Account Credits expire?
No. Unlike our predecessor programs Scout Bucks and Camp Cards, your Unit Account Credits never expire.

Why is the recognition rate set at $50 for every 25 hours?
Employers offer varying per-hour grant amounts, and we’re unable to adjust the Unit Account Credits based on a volunteer’s employer.

Can I submit the hours, and have the council send us the check instead?
No. This would violate IRS rules on direct benefit of individuals, and jeopardize the tax- deductibility of your employer’s donation. A non-profit cannot receive a donation and give that donation to another entity, or it is considered a pass-through donation.

Can I request our Unit Account Credits to be sent to us as a check instead?
No. We need to monitor that the unit account credits are used for the allowable scout supplies or activities.

Can I use Unit Account Credits at other councils?
No. The Unit Account Credits incentive program is provided and facilitated by Chief Seattle Council.

Can I transfer the credits to our escrow account or use them to pay for membership fees?

No. Membership fees are specifically identified as something we cannot give as a benefit to the recommending donors by several of the corporations offering volunteer hours match dollars.

Chief Seattle Council reserves the right to cancel this program at any time or deny any unit eligibility.