Welcome to Cub Scouting and congratulations on joining a Pack!  Chief Seattle Council offers a variety of programs for Scouts aged 5-10.  This includes adventures to complete badges of rank, outdoor activities, summer and winter camping and more!  Let’s get started!

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Learn About District Events and Trainings

  • Use our District Finder to locate your District or ask your Cubmaster.
  • Explore your District page for more Cub Scouting activities.
  • Join your District mailing list to stay informed about District activities
  • Use the TeamUp app to put your District calendar on your smartphone!

Learn about Council Camping Opportunities

  • Chief Seattle Council offers Summer and Winter Camp programs for Cub Scouts
  • Districts also offer Day Camp opportunities during the summer
  • Your entire family can enjoy a summer camp experience with Camp Getaway!
  • Your family can take advantage of BSA camps for your own family outing
  • Read more here: Chief Seattle Council Camps for Cub Scouts

Learn about the Cub Scouting Program