The Commissioner’s Call – May 2023

Over the last several months I’ve been focusing on training, service, membership, and recognition. All of these are important and as you know there are a whole lot more tasks, that we as Scouters, must achieve.

This month, I want to remind you of one very important objective, have fun, and enjoy your Scouting time.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in getting things done that we forget why we’re doing them. I want to thank every Scouter and Scout Volunteer for all their efforts and I want you, in whatever capacity you serve in Scouting, to fill your “Scouting Spirit”. Seeing that Cub completing an achievement and the smile that usually comes with that. Seeing that new First Class Scout exiting their Board of Review or watching that newly elected Crew President holding their first meeting.

Let those moments fill you up, and know you and your efforts and time have contributed to their success. May it bring more happiness and strength to you. 

Yours In Scouting

Bill Archer, Territory Commissioner


Due to a scheduling conflict, we had to change the Roundtable location for May.

The May Roundtable will be at the Redmond Presbyterian Church in Redmond.

Address and Zoom link are provided in the Roundtable post on the website.  See ya there.