GNTGC Mission: Bear Creek Nature Trail plant identification

The Bear Creek Nature Trail is found across the street from Woodinville Fire Station 35 (17835 Avondale Rd NE, Woodinville). Park on the road across from the station, not in the lot nearby nor the station itself. The trail starts at the Goose Chase Sign.

Look for plants with pink tagging
The last plant on the trail (#15) is over the big log
Pink Tape No.  Answer (write Plant Letter)   Plants
Mission 1   A. Western Red Cedar
Pink Tape 1     B. Salal
Pink Tape 2     C. Red Huckleberry
Pink Tape 3     D. Bracken Fern
Mission 2   E. Big Leaf Maple
Pink Tape 4     F. Sword Fern
Pink Tape 5     G. Oregon Grape
Pink Tape 6     H. English Holly
Mission 3   I. Vine Maple
Pink Tape 7     J. Red Alder
Pink Tape 8     K. Douglas Fir (there are two)
Pink Tape 9     L. Western Hemlock
Mission 4   M. Scotch Broom
Pink Tape 10     N. Old Growth Stump
Pink Tape 11      
Pink Tape 12      
Mission 5    
Pink Tape 13      
Pink Tape 14      
Pink Tape 15      

If you cannot identify the plant, take a photo home to ID it later.

You may practice at home before the mission using an internet search for images of the plants. Add the word leaf or bark in the search for the plant name.

King County also has a good website for native plants at

You can also practice identifying plants in your neighborhood using a smartphone plant ID app like: Plant Net or Plant Snap. Take a plant photo in the app to ID it.

NOTE: Use of the trail for the Goose Chase has been approved by Bear Creak Principal, Gary Keller.