Klondike! – March 8-10 2024

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun, by the men who moil for gold, The Arctic trails have their secret tales that would make your blood run cold”…

…these words were penned by the fabled poet and writer, Robert Service, as he watched the great Klondike Gold rush going on around him. It was an amazing time in our country with men and women pushing themselves to unbelievable limits in the hopes of striking it rich!

And annually around the country, the BSA puts on its own version of the Klondike Challenge to put its members to the test! Webelos, Scout BSA Troops, Venturing Crews – time to start dusting off your sled or build a new one because Klondike will soon be upon us. Camp Koinonia will once again host our great Klondike.