Mt Tahoma Merit Badge Clinic – Oct 21st 2023 in Covington

Aviation Merit Badge
Stamp Collecting Merit Badge

2023 Fall Merit Badge Clinic!

Brought to you by Mt. Tahoma District and sponsored by Friends of the Great Maple Valley Scouting Units

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023
Time: 7:30 am – 12:40 pm
Location: Mattson Middle School, 16400 SE 251st Street, Covington, WA
Cost: $1 Registration Fee (please bring exact cash if possible).
    Friends of the Great Maple Valley Scouting Units is picking up most of the clinic’s cost.
    Deadline Thursday, October 19, 2023
Additional questions regarding registration please contact Kellie Carney 425-681-5342 or

Merit Badges Available

You can pick up to FOUR merit badges

  • Stamp Collecting #1 – Elective
  • Stamp Collecting #2 – Elective. If you have completed or are taking #1, this class will help you complete the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge.
  • Reptile and Amphibian – Elective. This class will be lead by Reptile Lady
  • Electricity – Elective
    • If you want to complete this badge at the clinic, please complete the following prerequisites:
    • req #2 – inspect their home and bring their completed checklist to the clinic
    • req #3 – make the electromagnet at home and demonstrate it at the clinic (easy, look it up on youtube)
    • req #8 – draw your floor plan and bring it to the clinic
    • req #9a – do at home with parents, then let me know (a scout is honest)
  • Geology – Elective
  • Personal Management – Eagle
  • Citizenship in the World – Eagle
  • Healthcare – Elective
  • Aviation – Elective – All day class-Limited class size to 6 scouts.  This class will be from 8:15-12:30, along with an extra day for flight, with parent’s permission

Please note:

  • You can pick up to FOUR merit badges. Scouts are NOT guaranteed to get into all 4 MB’s. Please specify on the second to last question the most important MB’s.

  • Merit Badges class sizes are limited & filled on a first come, first served registration basis!  Time will play a role in which classes you get into.  Please register early to ensure room in your selections!

  • Second session will be set up when you finish the badge and contact the counselor.  Each scout may choose up to 4 Merit Badges.  Most classes will be 1 hour.

  • There will be time to have past blue cards signed off.

  • October 21st will be classes reviewing some MB requirements and talking with the counselor. Merit Badge Worksheets will be provided to those registering before the deadline.

  • Make sure your email address is correct and checked often, as your confirmation and any clinic information will be sent only to this address.

*** Please come prepared in your scout uniform, with writing instrument and writing surface.
*** Blue Cards will be filled out by the counselor online through Scoutbook. Aviation will be the only exception.

Please contact your counselor once you have finished your requirements to set up a Zoom Meeting, phone meeting, email meeting and/or an in-person meeting. During this meeting be prepared to explain, discuss, demonstrate and otherwise show the counselor how you have completed your merit badge.

Additional questions regarding registration please contact Kellie Carney 425-681-5342 or