Why Wood Badge?

1.    Connections

    1. Leaders new to Scouting learn something about ALL of the BSA programs, why we have them, their focus and structure
    2. Participants make new Scouting friends from all over the region, allowing them to feel like part of a connected family or group identity. Leaders who didn’t feel like they belonged now have their tribe.
    3. Participants get a sense of connectivity to Scouting all over the world, and why the values of the Scout Oath and Law have endured worldwide for almost a century.

2.    ‘Fully’ Trained

    1. Wood Badge and NYLT curriculums are very similar on purpose. If youth and adults have the same training, they can mutually reinforce the powerful skills back in their home unit, in real time.
    2. Concepts learned via position-specific training and Wood Badge are reinforced with practical application on course and back in their home unit via the Ticket.
    3. Wood Badge participants leave the course with enhanced skills for all areas of their lives, professional and personal, and a better understanding of their own power to be servant leaders.

3.    Legacy

    1. Participants leave Wood Badge ready with their Ticket of goals to complete at their home unit, territory, or council. By taking actions to improve themselves and their Scouting unit, they are helping to enhance the program for everyone for the long term.
    2. Wood Badge training helps turn new leaders into knowledgeable, capable Scouters who can easily take on key roles in a unit, as needed, and reduce leader attrition rates.
    3. Participants get a sense that they are part of a long legacy that Sir Baden Powell started in 1919 at the first Wood Badge course.

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Questions about the course? Please email Course Director Sonya Bennett at woodbadgemagic@gmail.com.