Missing Credit? How to Update Your Training Record

Before you send in missing training, please check your official training record in my.Scouting.org. Please try to do all of your updates at once, and only send missing training. Once you have determined what is missing, send an email to membership@seattlebsa.org. Include: your full name, district, unit (type and number), and missing training with date taken (approximate dates are acceptable).

Only official BSA training such as Den Leader Training or Venturing Advisor Training can be added to your Scouting record. Locally produced training can help you be more effective in your Scouting position but cannot be entered. Program and Training Conference has many of these classes, for example: Dutch Oven Cooking Basics or Life to Eagle.

Your training record is more important to you than to anyone else, so keep a copy of all your training as you go along. If you have questions or problems with your record, please contact membership@seattlebsa.org.

Excerpts from the Training Times

Fall 2022

YPT renewal requires the completion of all 4 modules. The Understand Youth Protection Video at scouting.org/training/adult/learning-library/ explains this.
Note – The first time you take YPT you are required to take the modules in order but once that is done, you may retake any module individually. This can give the impression that retaking the test only is sufficient for renewal; however, it is not.

Regarding the Supernova and Nova Training – please refer to scouting.org/stem-nova-awards/volunteer-support/ as Programs decided to remove the online training and has made changes to the awards. The training course codes are still valid after completing the training located on the linked page.

Safety Afloat training is required for any BSA unit that will participate in boating activities. This online training ensures that adult leaders are prepared to facilitate safe use of canoes, kayaks, rowboats, rafts, floating tubes, sailboats, motorboats (including waterskiing), and other small craft. To access the updated training, log onto my.Scouting.org and search the catalog in the BSA Learn Center for Safety Afloat.
·       Does Safety Afloat training have to be renewed? Yes, adults supervising boating activities must have completed Safety Afloat training within the previous two years.
·       Do I need to take the new version of Safety Afloat training if my current training is not expired? No, you can complete the updated version of Safety Afloat when your current certification expires.
·       Is Safety Afloat training available to take in person? No, Safety Afloat is only available online. It is also mobile compatible.

Just for Trainers, Sort of

Instructor Syllabus

You can find the latest syllabus or outline for most of your training on the national website at scouting.org/training/adult. You may need to do a little scrolling to find the one you want, but it will be the current version.

Make sure your participants get credit.

Submit a roster, Excel or PDF! Remember, if a name is misspelled or unreadable, none of the BSA record keeping programs will be able to find it. If you are not into forms, email membership@seattlebsa.org, include the title of the training with its completions date and a roster of participants that should get credit. Your roster needs to include for each participant: full name, email address, district, and unit (type and number). In addition, address and phone number are helpful for anyone not registered with BSA.