Klondike FAQ

How big is this Klondike?  Who is organizing it?

This is one of multiple Klondikes being run around our council. Units can attend any Klondike that they wish too, and even attend more than one! We may also get a few units from outside of these districts too. This has historically been one of the biggest in the council.

Where are the restrooms?

There are “Biffies” in the Tenting area, along the Dawson Trail and at the Dining Hall

Is there potable water onsite?

Yes, but not in the Tenting area.  Most of the pipes in camp are turned off during the winter to keep them from freezing and breaking.  There is water at the Dining Hall.

If I need first aid, where do I go?

The primary First Aid station is the Klondike HQ yurt, where the EMT will be hanging out.  The EMT will have a two-way radio set to Klondike 7.7 (channel 7, sub-channel 7).

Is there a “warming hut” if a scout is not prepared for the cold weather?

You can go to the Klondike HQ if you need to, but this should only be considered a short-term solution.  If the scout is truly unprepared, their adult leader will be contacted and consulted for coming up with a longer-term solution.

I am just coming up for the day.  Is there a reduced fee for that?

Camp Koinonia charges us for day use as well since we are using the facility whether we are staying overnight or just up for the day.  Site reservations, heating cabin, first aid facility, hot water, soup kitchen, awards and Sunday breakfast are all provided by Klondike.  Most of this fee goes to pay for the camp facilities.  Guests should pay their fair share, or not use the facility – adults and scouts alike.

Can I overnight on Saturday night?

Yes! And for those that do, there will be a flapjack breakfast Sunday morning — all you can eat!

Wait, what?  There are cabins available too?

Yes, but there is a very limited number of cabin beds. Tent cabins are an upgrade option for tent camping. When they are gone, they are gone. Exclusive cabin use for a unit is not guaranteed and will be assigned by Klondike staff. Cabins will be separated by male/female and adult/youth.

Can I get a meal in the Dining Hall?

Yes! But there is an extra fee for that. Friday dinner, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast (if you don’t want the all-you-can eat pancake breakfast) meal options are available, if your unit decides that they would prefer to not cook.

Can we have a campfire in our site?

Yes, but there are no campfire pits so you must bring your own portable fire pit if you wish to have a campfire. Campfires must be fully extinguished whenever the campsite is unoccupied or vacated. Keep a bucket of water and a shovel beside each fire-pit.

Is there firewood at Camp Koinonia?

Yes, firewood is provided by Camp Koinonia but you are responsible for transporting it to your campsite.

Are there Klondike Patches?

You bet! It would not be a District Klondike without something you could take home with you to say, “I was there!” Beside the sniffles and frostbite, I mean. A new design is used every year. Troops must turn in their “gold” at the Essay Office, have their campsites inspected, turn in their Klondike campsite sign and turn in their questionnaire before they are allowed to checkout and receive their Klondike patches.

What is the soup kitchen all about?

Primarily for adult leaders on Saturday for lunch, it is something to help warm the belly, soothe the soul and provide some energy for those that need it!  Everyone needs to bring two cans of soup to be turned in at check-in or a Klondike HQ. One can goes into the soup pot, which will be available starting at 11:45 am on Saturday for all adult leaders. The second can of soup will be donated to a local food bank. Each person should bring a cup or bowl and an eating utensil to enjoy a helping from the soup pot.  Hot water will also be available and, while they last, hot chocolate and cider packets as well.  All adult leaders are encouraged to come by during lunch for “food and fellowship”!  Scouts should remain “on the trail” and cook their own lunch.

Will Klondike staff be on a set two-way radio channel?

Yes, Klondike channel 7, sub-channel 7.  We have a limited supply of Klondike radios that we will be providing to leaders.  If your unit leaders want to bring their own radios, please do.  However, Scouts should not be carrying radios and if they are found by staff, radios will be confiscated and turned into their unit leaders.

Where can I put my bags of garbage?

If you have bags of garbage that you wish the camp to collect for you, place them in a central location near the parking lot where you will be camping so that that camp staff can more easily collect them.  Do NOT leave garbage bags at your camp site.  A Scout is clean.