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Welcome to Chief Seattle Council's Sea Scout Program sea_scouts

Sea Scouts in the Chief Seattle Council provide a range of program opportunities for youth from 14-21 years old. Whether you are interested in Power Boating or Sailing, we welcome your participation.

For general program information and to download official resources, advancement forms and more, CLICK HERE

or local Sea Scout information, contact Karin Leach, Commodore at

For all other information, contact Doug Mitschke at 206-902-2308.

To stay in the loop be sure to read the NEW Western Region Sea Scout Blog, The West Wind

Donation of Vessels

The Chief Seattle Council does not own vessels. If you would like to donate a vessel, contact 855-272-1227 and arrangements will be made to accept your vessel. All vessels are sold through a local broker and a percentage of the proceeds are made to support the Chief Seattle Council Sea Scout program. For more information, contact:

Sea Scouts Calendar


April 12: Sea Scout Information Session

Description: Meet and greet for any youth and adults interested in Sea Scouting or small boat sailing
Time:  1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Water Way 18 on North Lake Union - 3 blocks East of Gas Works Park (look for the dock with the Sea Scouts sign)
Information:  Doug Mecham  at 541-961-5295

pril-Sept.: Sea Scout Small Boat Sailing at WW 18

Date: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month April through September

Information: Doug Mecham at 541-961-5295,

April/May: Kelly Cup small boat sailing training classes and sail racing clinics

Description: Puget Sound Area Sea Scouts will provide the following training opportunities for youth interested in small boat sailing instruction.
Locations & Dates:  
Everett-Silver Lake   April 18 and April 25
Seattle-Water Way 18, North Lake Union  April 24, 25 & 26, May 16,23,30 and June 6
Sail Sand Point- Kelly Cup Sail Racing Regatta  August 8. Qualifying races for BSA National Koch Cup
Costs: Sea Scout sailing instruction activity fee $5; others $25
Clay Canfield at 425-471-6578
oug Mecham at 541-961-5295

April 24-26: Nor'West Sea Scout Area Regatta

Description: Western Region Area Sea Scout skills competition
Date: Saturday, April 25  Competition begins at 8:00 am
Location: Camp Rilea, 33101 Patriot Way, Warrenton, OR  97146


May 2: Opening Day of Boating Season

Time:  Opening Day parade begins at 12:00 pm
Sea Scouts registered in Wilson Seamanship Class: Propeller, Kelcema, Argo, Yankee Clipper, Hurricane
Information: Click here:  Seattle Yacht Club parade information

May 5 & 9: Seattle Maritime Festival

Date:  Tuesday, May 5 - 17th Annual Maritime Career Day, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: Georgetown Campus of South Seattle Community College, 6737 Corson Ave. S., Seattle, WA
Information: Click here: Seattle Maritime Festival

Date: Saturday, May 9 - Annual Seattle Maritime Festival Family Fun Day, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: South Lake Union Park
Ships Attending: Propeller
Information: Click here: Family Fun Day

Chief Seattle Fleet

Sea Scout Ship Propeller

Vessel: 65' steel-hulled Army T-Boat - Propeller
Location: Lake Union
Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here
Skipper: Al Bruce
Chief Mate: Robyn Kolke

Small Boat Sailing Program

Mate: Doug Mecham

Sea Scout Ship Yankee Clipper

Vessel: 44' gaff-rigged wooden ketch - Yankee Clipper
Location: Ballard
Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here
Skipper: Steve Grassia
Committee Chair: Dan Leach

Sea Scout Ship Argo

Vessel: 40' Mark 4 personnel boat - Challenger
Location: Bellevue
Skipper: Bill Rahr - 425-641-6029

Sea Scout Ship Hurricane

Vessel: 28' 1972 Columbia sailboat - Hurricane
Location: Port Orchard
Skipper: Joseph Skeen

Sea Scout Ship Falcon

Vessels: Soling-class sailboat - Celeste
Traditional ships: Longboat - Bear
Location: Port Townsend
Skipper: Kim Aldrich